Desperate. Help Needed. Audio Gone.

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My audio just suddenly stopped working on my master file for my SF book trailer. Works fine on other .hfp files, just not the one I'm working on. Cannot figure out what I did to cause this. I was rearranging tracks when it happened, but I haven't a clue how to get it back. The files are all there. It's just they don't make any sound.  Nothing's muted on either the audio tracks or in the mixer. I checked Properties, everything I could think of. I rebooted.  It's in the .hfp file I'm working on.  HELP!

MORE DATA: I exported the file, thinking that, since the meters SHOW sound happening, that maybe, if saved as a mp4, the sound would be there. Nope. No sound.  I'm going to try recreating the file and see if I can match the effects I have in the master file. This isn't going to be fun, at all. I wish there was a way to export composite files and effects settings, then import them into a new file. Oh well. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

HAH! Found a way to save the composite shots, so, maybe, I can at least salvage the visual parts with their effects intact. Here's hoping.


  • @DLKeur did you solve your issue? A few questions that may help finding the culprit:

    1. Have you got sound in your system (it might sound stupid but sometimes I forget I've got headphones plugged in so I hear no sound through the speakers)
    2. If you are on Windows, right click the sound icon in the task bar and open the volume mixer. Check that HitFilm isn't muted.
    3. Does HitFilm play some sounds but not others? If so, try to go in the Options > Cache and click the "Delete Cache" button then restart HitFilm.

    If none of this works, don't panic, post here what you've tried and we will try to figure out what's wrong. I would also suggest to backup that .hfp file somewhere, just in case you accidently modify it then close HitFilm. Oh and by the way, you can import .hfp files as composite shot, you don't have to save all your comps separately.

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    @Yeremyah : You remind me of my old shihan. :D 

    @Whomever: Thanks for tidying up my thread. Truly appreciated!

    @CedricBonnier :

    1. Sound is coming through the speakers.
    2. The audio is not muted and sliders at max.  Hitfilm isn't muted, nor are any of the tracks muted.
    3. Hitfilm plays all other .hfp files that contain sound brilliantly. Just not the one this happened to. I will now, after a tidy seven hours of sleep, try deleting cache, cross my fingers, and hold my breath.

    And NOW you tell me!  I went and exported all the comps in the media list and began the process of reassembling in a new master file. Everything is playing just fine, thank the cosmic grinning gremlins.

    Also: Is there a way to export motion paths?  (Puleeeeease tell me there is!) And is there a way of exporting the model settings I used to dress my TriStars, Shierka, and Translights up so pretty?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    In Hitfilm you can save out Composite Shots.

    For models I recommend moving a completed, rigged, textured model to its own Composite Shot, setting all position and rotation to zero, and saving the Composite Shot in the folder the original model is in (so you can always find it!) 

    Reload the Composite Shot in any project and cut/paste as needed. 

    Same with paths. You can delete everything but the points, then create a small text object, type a word then save the Composite Shot. The text is just to see what the path does. 

  • @Triem23 : Did that with one model as a test.  It came in half-dressed and half-undressed  when imported into the new file.  (Groan.)  I guess I'll just take down the specs by screenshot and reset them by hand in the new master file.

    Motion Paths: I'll try it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Really? I've never had a previously saved model come in half dressed. 

  • I had these little lights on it, kind of like chicken lights on a semi-tractor-trailer rig, and they're gone.

  • @Triem23 : Okay. Discovered something that I've got my husband's needs sorted out and can get back to working.  In the import of the model via the composite process from the ruined file, I found that, under the assets folder is another instance of the 3ds model file and THIS instance has all my settings and 'pretties'.  Maybe I'll just drag that one out instead of the one presented in the main import folder HFP brought in. ...Can you tell I'm confused?  I am.

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