Overlaying title from Titler Pro onto footage in Hitfilm

Hi guys,

Coming back from a small sabbatical and trying to create a scene that i completely forgot how to create.  I have created a title in Titler Pro  ( exported as a video) and attempting to overlay it onto some footage ( flying thru the clouds) and have tried multiple ways to get it to look right.  Ive done it before!! Just dont remember how i achieved the look.  I made a comp shot of the clouds footage and attempted to add the video of some text using the SCREEN blend mode.  Its not working no matter what i do.  I am missing something and could use a bit of help.  Chime in!


  • NewBlue Titler Pro exports video with full Alpha (Quicktime PNG MOV)  so you don't need screen blend to drop the black since there is no "black". Check the media properties in Hitfilm to make sure the alpha channel is being used. Hope that helps.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you didn't render with an alpha channel, try adding a Demult filter to the imported footage. But Norman nailed it. 

  • I knew i was forgetting something, thank you. I got it to look pretty good by tweaking visual settings BUT two questions... 

    1. Where is the dumult filter and how do i apply it should i ever need to do this again?  I think i saw that filter in the keying effects? 

    2. I looked everywhere for media properties.  Can you tell me where i can find the specifically where i can change properties to alpha?  I looked at the properties of the specific media and could not find it.




  • Titler Pro always exports titles to MOV files with full alpha. I am talking about the Titler Pro "Export movie file" command. The files are PNG Quicktime MOV files. By default Hitfilm will use that alpha channel automatically.

    Here is a quick video showing how you view the media properties in Hitfilm. Just right click the media in the Hitfilm media panel and choose Properties from the context menu.


  • Thank you for taking the time to share this info.  I figured out what i was doing wrong.  I was converting my Titler Pro mov files to mp4 via a conversion program and it was exporting the file to a non ALPHA channel clip!  Don't ask me why iv'e been converting them other than to say that some MOV files don't run smooth on my computer in Hitfilm.  All is well again, thank you.  Operator error is the typical source of the problem :)

    Heres a sample of what i am working on for a Real Estate company who is celebrating 25 years in business.. its a Back to the Future themed mini movie where the Broker is traveling thru time to various time periods to honor those who joined the Real Estate Business over the years.. its not done yet but at least you can see what this thread was pertaining to.. Thanks again...



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Love it! Was the Universal-style logo the Titler Pro bit, or was that the subtitle overlays? 

  • Very nice title indeed.

    If you have problems with a TP MOV file in Hitfilm...

    Converting the TP MOV files to a non alpha video can still work so long as the there is no black(ish) in your title. Using demult will drop the black out to transparent but any black(ish) in the title itself will also get dropped to transparency which you don't want.

    It is also possible to convert the TP PNG MOV to a PNG image sequence for Hitfilm import.

  • Mike,

    actually both the subtitle overlay and the Bttf title I created using titler pro was an issue until I realized that I converted both to MP4 thus loosing the alpha..  ironically I've done this before but I didn't convert it to MP4 before, I just use the MOV file and I didn't have an issue. This time I did it but didn't realize why I was having difficulties so thanks to you guys it all worked out.. 

  • Drop your Titler effect on a Grade layer, all is then good in the world :)

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