First 'real' Hitfilm Project: Rebrick contest entry

Hello everyone, 

This is the first actual video I've produced in Hitfilm Express, besides vfx tests. It's an entry to the LEGO Batman Movie contest hosted by the LEGO Group and Warner Brothers on Rebrick.

I captured the frames using Dragonframe, and used Hitfilm for splicing footage, sound, and vfx. I was pleasantly surprised  when I saw that I was able to use multiple timelines for audio, something I had wanted for a long time before I downloaded Hitfilm. 

Anyway, here's the video:

Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I am astounded at the number of features given in this free software; if I ever needto a full video editing package, I'd be inclined to buy Hitfilm Pro rather than an adobe or sony product. 

Shoot. Your business model is working on me...


  • FeinsteinFilms  Nice!  You did good!  I tried animating a Lego earthmover for a project in a FutureLearn Animation class, and it isn't as easy as you make it look.  A lot of time in there.  Well done.

  • Nice work! A lot tidier than any Lego animations I've ever done...

    In my opinion, the first time Harley hits someone with her hammer, it needs another sound effect.  We see a guy get knocked off his feet, but hear nothing? It seems odd, especially since we can hear the footsteps.

    But yeah, well done. Nice choice of music as well, second track is "Black Vortex" by Kevin Macleod if I'm not mistaken? I've used that one myself a couple of times

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nicely done. Only note I havr is a "+1" for a sound effect when Harley clocks the first victim. 

  • Really nicely animated, a lot of frames went in this by the look of it. I disagree with the sound effect needed, I think you where going for looking through the binoculars means no or very faint sound. After all they are not Far Cry ones (arrhh remember those cool things from the original). Anyway, the only bit for me that does not work so well is the jump scene from her going into the alley. She crashes so I assume it is a dead end but the final fames show a copy car pulling up at both end. Batman seems to go from rooftop to handcuffs so quickly it's to quick. But otherwise solid job.

  • I agree with you; I should have had a louder sound for that impact (thanks for the benefit of the doubt, Andy, but I hadn't thought about the sound design that deeply). The sound had been at an acceptable level up until I added music, and I never noticed that the music drowned it out for some reason. My bad ;p

    Concerning Batman catching Harley, he knocked her off the motorcycle, which is why it lost control and crashed. My choice of taking that shot from inside a building obscured him swooping down. 

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

  • Wow. That's a good job. And I followed the story, too. Very well done.

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