What Font Styles are Supported by Default? Why are some Fonts not Working?

Many fonts won't work for some reason.

For example a .ttf font does not show up while another one does.

Yes, I know I have to restart HitFilm in order to add it to the list.

Regardless, many fonts simply don't show up and some of them don't even work.

Got any advice?

Thanks :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    In general, Hitfilm should take TrueType (ttf) fonts. I think Hitfilm currently only supports western character sets (but that might have changed).

    Otherwise, where did you get the fonts you're having issues with. Some of the free fonts I've downloaded have had issues, but, if I take those into a font editor, it usually turns out the font was built incorrectly to begin with! 

    Dunno. Might need Staff to answer this one, in which case it might be a couple of days before anyone is in the office. Unless someone pokes in on their day off. 

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    @Triem23 I usually grab all my fonts from www.dafont.com

    Thing is, most of these are .ttf, but some of them don't even show up.

    And they work fine in other programs, by the way.

  • This is something I have often seen over the years in OpenGL text engines. Previously in NewBlue Titler Pro which I used in Vegas and now Hitfilm. OpenGL does not support text and so GL apps use a third party library to support text. These font engines are often not as robust as the operating system font engine.

    Hitfilm does support TrueType and OpenType fonts these days. However many of the free fonts out there, and even purchased ones, can trip up some 3rd party font decode engines. The font does not quite work. Hitfilm still has a systemic font issue in that it assumes installed fonts are in the fonts folder. An incorrect assumption.

    Back in the day, I purchased a font transcoder, that I used to "fix" certain fonts that NewBlue Titler Pro had issue with. It fixed most things that had problems. If you email me a problem font I will run it through the converter and maybe that will help. For reference the converter I use is TransType 4.

    In summary the operating system font engine is robust. Anything that uses some other engine to decode the fonts can be quirky at times.

  • @NormanPCN Thanks for your input. Kind of busy with a project, so this will have to wait until that's done. I will reply again once I have the time for this :)

  • Also, since this is listed in "Pro support", you have BCC. You may find that BCC may work with a/the font when the Hitfilm native text feature cannot.

  • @NormanPCN I do. But Borealis is too laggy during previews which is why I often don't use it when I have to time things precisely because I can't preview the whole thing fluidly :/

  • Yes, unfortunately, Boris is kinda slow. At least it was in BCC 9, Pro 4.

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    @NormanPCN in my non-scientific observations I've always noticed Boris BCC effects are pretty slow. Gorgeous, but slow. Although, outside of Hitfilm version of 3D Objects my BCC is v8 for Vegas.

    Interesting info on third-party libraries. 

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    The various apps/effects I've seen that have font issues.

    Vegas Titles and Text. In V12 it became GPU accelerated (OpenCL, not a typo CL) and thus has its own font engine. In contrast the Vegas legacy text and Protype titler seem to be using the system font engine and they work with everything I've tried.

    NewBlue titler Pro. This is a GL application according to them. It was using this that prompted me to get the TransType 4 app to try and fix fonts.

    Hitfilm native text. OpenGL.

    Boris. They say, or have said, they are OpenGL for the 3D objects effects. 

    The most maddening thing, to me, about GL type engines is that none of them seem to support font kerning pair table information. This is kerning info stored in the font and defined by the author of the font. I have btch'd to high heaven to NewBlue about this lack of support. If the GL library does not support it then there is nothing they can do about.

    Which one looks better to you. To me, the bottom one. The kerning info removes the excess gap when the letter L and V are adjacent. For the record, the top is Titler Pro 4 and the bottom is Vegas legacy text. At least NewBlue and BCC do let us manually kern letter pairs. Sadly Hitfilm native text does not, which is not good.

    Another example

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