Is DNxHD export possible?

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On a windows based system? Can't find any information on this specific area, on a windows computer. Point me in the right direction if it's in the manual or in a thread here.


  • @LarryPlane Not on Windows I'm afraid. DNxHD support in HitFilm is currently bound to QuickTime and Windows users don't have QuickTime exports of any kind. What we do have with the Windows version of Pro 2017 is native Cineform support instead. Since Cineform support is native you don't need anything else to use it with HitFilm but if you need to access your files in another app you probably need to install the GoPro Quik/Studio package to get a version of Cineform other apps can use.

    Do you have a specific need for DNxHD or did you just want to export to an intermediate?

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    Nope. Just Cineform or h.264.

    I do note looking around the web, current consensus is that Cineform actually maintains higher quality than DNxHD, and DNxHD is hampered by being tied to 32-bit Quicktime. 

     Edit: This was interesting.

  • @Triem23  I have the Miraizon V2 codecs he talks about and they work really well but unfortunately Miraizon stopped all sales shortly after the 2015 update so it's not an option anymore.

    Cinemartin Cinec is a total rip off. Under the hood it's mainly FFMpeg. Convert V4 is a very viable alternative and right now it's only $19.95. Heck you can buy Vegas Pro 14 which now has native ProRes export for less than half of what Cinemartin is asking!!

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    I sometimes work on small effects for other editors, they will often ask me for HD  format like DNxHD. They actually ask for pro res, but as I'm on windows I usually supply DNxHD.

    So i'm a little confused now. If I want to export to an intermediate using cineform, what's the export workflow? Not sure I've seen a cineform option.


  • @LarryPlane Unfortunately HitFilm Windows can't give you either one directly. If you happen to own Vegas 14 then you could use the integration feature to render a HitFilm project to DNxHD or ProRes through it. If not then it's render to something then transcode that to DNxHD

    Of course you could try asking if they'll accept Cineform and see what happens although I know how that can go..........

  • Fair enough. I'll look at this problem again in detail later next week.

    Slightly related to this; I work with files recorded on my EOS 6d and I get so-so performance when scrubbing the timeline. Would I see an improvement if I used the GoPro Quik app to convert my video to Cineform?


  • First thing - This was supposed to be in my last post and didn't make for some reason

    The render queue should have Cineform presets and you have the ability to make your own if needed. 

    Now on to your next post - Yes you should see a performance improvement if you convert your clips to Cineform and you can use GoPro Studio to transcode. (If you have Quik you have Studio too). You can also use VirtualDub. Being an intermediate Cineform means large files and if that's a problem you can also improve performance by using Handbrake to transcode to low decode overhead h.264. This has been a popular topic today and I'm too lazy to type everything again so I'm just going to link to other threads you should probably read through to make an informed decision.

  • @Aladdin4d remember, you (we) have the option as mods to merge threads. I'm not doing it at the moment, but, on those weeks where we get several near-identical threads in a couple of days, I'll merge them, and tag the OPs of the threads telling them I merged. Sometimes it's easier than retyping or relinking. Especially when one of us writes an entire manual-chapter of response. :-)

    @NormanPCN has been on a tear this week, chock full of testing and data. Lot of new information to absorb! 

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    Cineform is freely available on Mac and PC. Even Premiere has Cineform native like Hitfilm 2017 (Windows). However, if a client is married to a specific file format ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    For that I would render to a Cineform RGB format at very high bitrate setting. Say Filmscan1. Then  transcode that to DNxHD/Prores via Convert/ffmpeg/whatever. Image sequences or even uncompressed AVI are an option for an intermediate output but I think Cineform will perform better even though it is technically lossy.

    @Aladdin4d @Triem23 I have been wondering recently if we should have a "transcode thread". Collect lots of existing info into one spot

    • Transcode to Cineform/DNx/Prores for edit performance. Also deal with VFR in this step.
    • Transcode to low overhead AVC. Also deal with VFR in this step. This just collects stuff from the existing Hitfilm video games tutorial.
    • Then something like this thread. A client must have a certain file format Hitfilm does not export. What workflow to accomplish this.
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    @NormanPCN I've been wondering the same thing especially after yesterday. Been trying to wrap my head around the best way organize it because there's a lot of info that should be in it

    @Triem23 This is why I didn't go ahead and start merging threads.

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    @NormanPCN @Aladdin4d certainly a thread or two on this information os smart. If nothing else to bookmark and share, saving a lot of retyping. :-) 

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