Discrepancy in Render Time. Half What It Reports.

I'm getting a consistent discrepancy between what Hitfilm (HFP2017) reports as the expected amount of time to render-export and the actual time it takes that it reports once finished...which agrees with my logging. It's taking almost exactly one half the time. Is this something anyone else is experiencing? Is it something to worry about? I don't see any issues with the final product, but, then, since I'm new at this, I may not have enough smarts to know what I'm missing.


  • Without seeing your project it can be hard to tell. Render estimates are based on time taken to render more current frames, so, if you have a 1:30 project, and the first 60 seconds has heavy compositing, and the last 30 seconds is a static image, it's going to give an estimate based on the composite, then, suddenly hit the static frame and blaze through the rest.

    Putting it another way, never complain when your render time is UNDER estimate. ;-) 

  • @Triem23 : Got it. Don't look a gift pig in the snoot. 

  • Right. :-) Also, looking at your book trailers, that's exactly what's happening, since you're front loading all your effects, and the back end is just the book cover. So Hitfilm hits that part of the edit and suddenly exclaims, "Wait, this bit's EASY!"  

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    Yeah, but, right now, I'm doing something to go with my SF book trailer, and it's laden with a cap 'L'., and it's still taking almost exactly to the second half the time.  Okay. Case in point: Rendered out the core talon tap in both mp4 and in avi.  Reported estimated render time was 25 minutes and 23 seconds for each of them. Actual render time was 12 minutes and 16 seconds.

  • Odd, but still a gift pig. :-)

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    Okay. @Triem23 , here's a big question: This is a screenshot series of my talon model as shown by properties in the media list in Hitfilm.  But. When I render the file, either as an mp4 or as an avi, what I get is what's in this snip of video. What am I doing wrong?


    Changed video to YouTube unlisted. Dropbox doesn't seem to work.


  • Well, that's ominous. The Great Bird of the Galaxy is back . . . . . and he's not happy.

  • Sorry, I'm not certain from the video where the problem is, or what's not working? 

    So a general note. Think of Hitfilm as having multiple 3D spaces. When Hitfilm hits a 2D layer, like a masked plane or Grade Layer Hitfilm renders everything below. Since Hitfilm works bottom-up this can cause a disconnect between lights and models if a grade layer is between them. Dunno if that's the issue. Just shooting out a random guess. 

  • @Triem23 : No. One light, above the talon was the virtual-physical topmost element. There were no 2D planes, elements, nor 3D elements above it.  I changed camera angles, I zoomed in, I put in more lights, less lights, tried all sort of things and still came out with an angle-edged talon less its curves and details. The only other element that was above the talon in the composite layers were the sparks.  If we look at the layer stack of the composite, it looks like this, top to bottom: camera, light, light, sparks, talon, stars video (x2, one lifting off, the other parallel to the bottom plane), then floor plane.

  • Odd. I'm out and about right now. I may ask you to send me the project to look at. 

  • You mean I'd have to pull all the files, arrange them in a nice tidy folder, relink them in the working hitfilm files, then zip them up. Right. That's what I get for running a network. :D  Okay. 3D objects, here; textures over here; video assets on this drive, sound files on this drive on that machine.  Herd them all like recalcitrant cats into one location and....

    ...So now I need to remember to duplicate all assets into one working folder before starting a project. Got it.  :D

  • That's actually how I usually work. Assets scattered in a library, copied to the project folder. 

  • Yeah. I can see the benefits in this kind of work, @Triem23 .

  • @Stargazer54 : Missed your comment.  Heh! Not quite a bird, but worse. :D

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