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Just got Hitfilm Pro 2017. It is really good and runs faster than I thought on my PC which is quite old. Love the new export queue but I want to change the default file destination for my exports, how do I do this? I looked in the options menu and found some things that could be it but when I opened the options box I found that it is too big for my screen and the 'save' button was underneath my task bar making it unable for me to change any settings. I googled it and It looks like other people \re having the same problems. Any suggestions? 


  • Also, is there a way to export your project without using a preset from the render queue?

  • @HarryM Maybe this will answer the default directory question: When you first hit the film strip thingy to go to the Export panel, there should already be a "default" location under the Output column.  It kind of looks like a link.

    Click on that and you can change your Drive letter (if you wish) and select a different directory.  In my experience, so far, once that is set it will come back up with the same drive letter/directory combo from that point forward until you change it.

  • @Stargazer54 thank you that has seemed to work. However, do you know the answers to my other questions like how to fix the options box and how to not use a preset when exporting?

  • here is a link to the options box problem. As you can see the save button is underneath my taskbar and i cannot resize the options box or move it so i can reach the button: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxDKEu52uDzpeW1IOFdpUmhkbm8/view?usp=sharing

  • The only way to not use an existing preset in HFP 2017 is to create your own preset. Otherwise the render queue is really set up to drag a preset to the queued up items, then go. 

  • Ok, but again, how do I fix the options box size problem? It is really annoying because it means that I can't save any changes I have made

  • @HarryM Yeah that would be irritating.   What screen rez do you have your monitor set up at?  

    I'm running dual monitors.  One is 1920 x 1080 and the other 1440 x 900.  Both resolutions work with HF2017 and HF4Pro.   The Options window appears properly on both. 

    I believe the default lowest rez for HF is 1024 x 768. (but don't quote me)

    Apologies if you've already done this, but make sure you have the main window "maximized".   In other words, make sure you hit the little min/max icon in the upper right of the window (right next to the X "close" icon).

    If you are still having problems, then I'm guessing screen rez or scaling is the culprit.

    In addition you might look at the following threads:



  • @Stargazer54 I have one laptop screen with a resolution of 720p. My screen is always maximised when I try to do it but I wouldn't be able to change hitfilms display settings as I can't change any settings at all!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Hmmmm I think Hitfilm wants a screen resolution greater than 1024x768. Since 1280x720 is a lower vertical resolution I'm wondering if Hitfilm thinks your screen is too small as Stargazer posits. 

    That said, last night (for the first time) when working with the Export Queue, the left side of the Export list was extending off screen, which was a bit annoying. My screen is 1920x1080. 

    So I won't rule out an error in how the Export Queue is being drawn on screen. 

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