Viewer Not Centered In Hitfilm 4 Pro

Hello all, decided to try out hitfilm 4 pro and for some reason no matter what I do, the viewer is never centered. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it? Pictures down below to show what the issue is.

Links to the pictures:

Viewer Is Not Centered In This One

When I put the scale to 100%, the shot is too zoomed in

When I lower the scale to 40%, the viewer is off again :/


i7 6950x

GTX 1080

GTX 980

4 1080p monitors (3 monitors, 1 tv)

128GB DDR4

950 Pro 512GB



  • @ArcticWolf_11 does the same thing happen if you unplug your TV? Have you tried disabling the HighDPI scaling in the options?

  •  Yep that fixed it. I just turned the scaling to 100% on the TV instead of 150% so I didn't have to unplug it and everything works fine now. Thanks! :D

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