Delete a clip from the timeline. all clips after fill the gap

HI Guys,

there is probably a simple answer to this. I can't seem to make it work.

I've been learning to use the ripple edit tool to trim a clip and all the following clips fill that gap and it works great. But it doesn't work when deleting a clip. The clips afterwards shuffle down to don't fill the gap.

Is it possible to do this in hitfilm 4 Pro?



  • Right-click the clip and select Ripple Delete Object.

  • thanks @AxelWilkinson I tried ripple edit  mode but that doesn't do it. I didn't realise is needed a special option for delete. For the others that don't know you can also select the clip and then use alt+delete on windows. @AxelWilkinson can you furnish the short cut for the Mac please?

    A note though, the timeline must be clear between the two clips or the ripple won't happen. that includes audio tracks if it's audio you are deleting or it's linked video and audio.

  • I believe the Hotkey for this is Alt+Delete. Hitting the Delete key will just remove it without moving anything. Alt+Delete will slide everything to the right over (as long as the timeline is clear vertically).

  • On a Mac use the Option key in place of Alt for any keyboard commands in hitFilm.

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