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Hy I want to transcode a 10 bit 422 video using Media Encoder in windows I used dnxhd and cineform but nothing seems to work, the only way it worked seems to be to transcode prores on mac. What I am doing wrong?


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    DNxHD - Adobe Media Encoder exports DNxHD to an MXF container but HitFIlm can only import DNxHD in a QuickTime MOV container. You also have to have QuickTime (sounds like you do because ProRes works) and the Avid DNx codec pack installed. You can use something like Video Container Changer  to convert your existing MXF DNxHD files over to an MOV without transcoding. It's a basic GUI for FFMpeg.

    If you're running a version other than HitFilm Pro 2017 Windows then you don't have native Cineform support and you need to install the GoPro Quick Desktop/Studio  in order to install install a version of the Cineform codec HitFilm can use. 

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    Thanks Aladdin4d!!! I have tried to create DNxHD mov on mac without success and yes I have the 2017 versionof HF but cineform opens without image anyway... I'll try installing Gopro studio again to see what happens

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