CLAUSTROPHOBIA - My New Movie Trailer!

Like everything I make, this was edited entirely within HitFilm 2 Ultimate and I wanted to share it with the community! I'd appreciate your thoughts and maybe even constructive feedback if you've got the time. Thanks!


  • Very good! Nicely edited.

    Not being a nit pick or being a grammar nazi, however there were missing ' in a couple of words (unless of course the font set didn't include them as some don't).

  • Thanks! And you're very right haha, the font wouldn't allow them and I was too lazy to somehow correct it XP

  • Hold up I'm a bit confused here. A trailer for a thriller from you that doesn't include trying to kill @JacobScoggins. I just don't understand the concept ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited December 2016

    @Aladdin4d maybe Jacob is under the Santa mask?

    Other than a couple of missing apostrophes, the only note I have is there are a couple of dialog lines that are a little low in the mix (or maybe music is a bit hot). 

    Naw, this is great! Well shot, well, edited. I love the blurry black and white surveillance photo of the sleigh, the "You can't have them! *crunch*," and your grammy is a patient woman, indeed, to lie down dead in the road for you (I'll ask--are the hoofprints practical or a composite? Looks practical!) 

    And what a great title! I didn't get the pun until the end card with the red "CLAUS(terphobia)."

    Awesome trailer! 

    EDIT: My wifey now has" that damn song" (Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer) stuck in her gead, "because of that silly trailer."

    As I said on your YouTube page, I'm sure you won't mind if I share this around a bit. Of everyone's Xmas themed videos, I think this is the best I've seen this year.

    Edit-edit why am I not subscribed to your insanity? Let me rectify that! *click*

  • @Triem23 Haha Thank-you very much!! For sharing and also for subscribing! My grandfather was (mostly) the one under the Santa mask, and the hoofprints are actually a composite (if you look closely you can see them moving independently :P)

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel as well, hope to see some more HitFilm VFX from you soon!

  • That was awesome! :)

  • That was pure evil!  Repent!


  • Oh, man. That is SOOOO good. And that very last scene made me jump. Good, good, go-oooood!

  •  @DLKeur Thank-you!! I'm glad I was able to scare you haha

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