Hitfilm Pro 4 adds blur (pixilation) to shot

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Hi All, 

I am relatively new to Hitfilm Pro. I use it on my brand new, tricked out iMac and find it is potentially a great tool. But I have noticed that it seems to introduce a slight blur to my shots. I began to notice it on the viewer, and then I closely examined the export shots. The export is not a sharp as the original. I am shooting ultraHD 4k (3840x2160).This a blowup of an original frameThis is the Hitfilm export

I am not sure the images uploaded properly, so maybe you cannot see the stills, if not I have posted them on the following links:



The first is a blowup from a still from the original Pro Res 422 .mov file and the second is the same still, but now this file has been imported and then exported from Hitfilm Pro, without any changes. 

Hitfilm has introduced  distortion. It is as if Hitfilm is not actually working in the higher resolution, but works at lower resolution, and thus the pixilation is greater. 

I wonder if anyone has noticed this before, and if there is a reason for it.

Thank you for your time, 

Alex Ewen


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