Anyone figured this video out yet?

Anyone figured out how to create this exact animation in HitFilm yet?  (See the first 20 seconds).




  • @Triem23 do you know how to create this in HitFilm?

  • Yup. Basic.

    The floor is a tiled image of diamond pattern metal floor with that parallax filter applied. There is no height map assigned, so the floor layer is parallaxing itself.

    The text was created by one of two methods, which are pretty much identical: First, Simon loaded the concrete texture he used into the main comp. Then he either created a text object,  applied a parallax filter to it, using the concrete texture as the height map, and followed that up with 3D Extrusion. Or he created the text object in it's own composite shot, brought that in as an embedded comp, and, directly to the concrete image applied Set Matte (using the text embed as the source), followed by 3D Extrusion, finall, parallax with no source layer chosen.

    Putting parallax on a layer without setting a soruce layer means the effected layer modulates itself.

    After that, lights. Looks like Simon used a slightly blue spot and a slightly yellow spot.

    Then it's just moving the camera around.


  • Could you ask Simon to create a tutorial how to duplicate this please?

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    @Yeremyah - Works as described by T23 either way. Took about 5 minutes to work up a draft.

    Give it a go. Fairly basic

    Crude example

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure that were Simon still working for Hitfilm, he'd direct people to the tutorial in the first post.

  • Why doesn't Simon work at HitFilm anymore?

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    @GrayMotion you are so talented :)

    Pretty please, can you make a beginners video tut on how you did that?

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    @Yeremyah - Thanks. Sorry but I don't have time to do a tutorial this week but here is the file. As you can see the example is very crude but I think you can get what you need from my example to make a ROCKING better one than I did.

    I never shared a dropbox link before. Let me know if the link don't work.

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    @GrayMotion yes, all good, cheers :)  Deeply appreciated.

  • I'd look for a better tile-able diamond plate though. The one I used has a green/brown tint to it.

  • I hear ya :) Thank you again for your help.

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    Thank you Bob.


  • Looks like this is well in hand. 

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    Thank you @Triem23 and @Graymotion

    Had a bit of fun, just playing around with this, and here are some results:

    Your thoughts?

  • Looks good. Nice camera move--you didn't rush the reversal. 

  • Cheers @Triem23

    I am still very amateur to creating video and animations, learning slowly :)

  • @Triem23

    I was playing around with this one, trying to create a nice texture for font. But notice the texture moves and doesn't stay static on the font.  Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Put Parallax BEFORE 3D Extrusion in the chain. 

  • Parallax was already BEFORE 3D Extrusion.  Any other ideas?

  • @Yeremyah

    I have been working on this for a couple of months. I actually add the parallax at the very end.  Here is a video example of what I have done...

    I will be making a tutorial on this in the new year on how to do this, but in the meantime, if you are interested, here are my personal construction notes (My explanatory annotations are in parenthesis)...

    1. Create a New Comp (Mine is 1920x1080)
    2. Make a 3D Floor with a steel plate texture picture I found online (But I like your tiled floor)
    3. Create the Text and Hide it
    4. Bring in the Text Texture Picture (Mine is the concrete picture shared by @GrayMotion)
    5. Add the Set Matte Effect and source the Text
    6. Create a 3D point and Add 3D Extrusion to the Picture using the 3D Point as the source.
    7. Reposition the Text Picture to sit on the floor
    8. Rig your camera for movement and keyframe the movement
    9. Light the scene
    10. Add Parallax to both the floor and the Letters and adjust the depth
    11. Create a new Plane (set blend mode to add of course) for lens dirt
    12. Add the lens dirt effect sourced to a hidden lens dirt picture (I got mine from @InScapeDigital) and the 360 Video Viewer Effect (Rescaled to 25%)
    13. Create a new (Add blended) plane for the light flare
    15. Put the light flare on and also the 360 Video Viewer effect (and again adjust as necessary)

    I hope this helps!


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    Thank you @HitfilmSensei for writing the tutorial steps.

    As I am a visual person, I really also look forward to the video tutorial you will be creating :)


  • Anyone know how to zoom in on the text with camera, yet still keep quality of text?

    When I tried it, the text looks blurry close up, any way to keep it clear looking?

  • Text in Hitfilm is rasterized. Best advice is to make it as big as possible to begin with. Perhaps even doing each word as a separate text object, parenting each word to its own point (for extrusion), then parenting the word points to a master point if you intend to have text move. 

    In Express a composite shot is limited to 1920x1080, but imported media can be 4096x3112. Maybe you can make a text object wider than 1920px for more resolution? I haven't tried it yet, and am not by my computer, so that's just an idea. 

  • @HitfilmSensei how is the tutorial coming along?   Done? :)

  •  @Yeremyah It is funny you should ask that. I have blocked out 2 hours of tomorrow morning to create the tutorial. It won't release for a couple of weeks though, as I have two or three already in the can. :)

  • Understood :)

  • @Yeremyah Would you believe I did this test shot in Hitfilm Express?

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    Yes I believe you :)

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