Trouble Exporting Videos in HitFilm Pro 2017 (Resolved)

Once I clicked Export, simply didn't know what to do. I read the reference but I don't have a single clue?

What should I do?


  • So it's all change in 2017. However, once you get the hang of it is simple enough. Basiclly you 'Queue' up your EDIT or COMPS to the exporter then you run the batch list (list of things to export) and away you go... OK Its a bit more than that.


    1) from the Editor load your COMP or project up.

    2) in the bottom left on the EDIT timeline you will see two options (hover over these with your mouse pointer) and it should say something like Export Contents of timeline or Export IN/OUT area only (You can limit the area exported using the start and end [> & >]  options. But if your Editor timeline is only 30 seconds doing the whole thing is fine.

    Export IN/OUT Area:  The bottom button exports only the work area of your timeline. The work area is defined by the In and Out points you set. To set the work area, move the playhead to the frame where you want the work area to begin, and press the I key (for "in") on the keyboard. Then, move the playhead to the frame where you want the work area to end, and press the O key (for "out").

    Once you have sent the contents to the Export Queue, you need to choose an output format (e.g. HD for youtube) and then hit the EXPORT button at the bottom of the window. Now sit back and wait for the magic to work.

    Good luck.


  • I have a question, But where do you go when its done exporting?

    Where do you find the video? 

  • @AJBoii  It should have the location listed in the export queue as to where it's putting the file.  I believe by default it calls it either editor or Composite Shot and lists the entire location path.  Fifth tab from the left under Output.  If you click on it you can change the location you want to export to.

  • @Ady might have some suggestions. 

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    For those who prefer video explanations, the export queue in HitFilm 2017 is explained at around 28:22 in this video by Triem Visual:

  • Yes @Triem23, you know me well :)

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