Question on "How to light 3D models realistically" video

In the video, Simon mentions duplicating the model and turning "everything off" except the car model. I also noticed that the duplicate is not set to 3D. What exactly is "turned off"? And what can I do to this layer to further adjust the composite?

Thanks in advance.


  • Which tutorial. This?

    Or this?

    To answer your first question, "Turning everything off" probably refers to clicking the eyeball icon on the left of each layer so it is no longer visible in the composition.

  • The top one. "Using 3D Models".

  • Ok, had to re-view this tutorial to see what you're actually asking. 

    Simon duplicated everything into a second composite shot and clicked the eye icon for everything but the car. In his main shot this new embedded Composite is 2D because the duplicate com already had the 3D positioning and camera move rendered in. Effectively he's turned the car into another video clip overlayed on the background footage. 

    As far as "what else" you can do... Well, anything! Perhaps a curves adjustment to enhance contrast. Maybe a color wheels adjustment to bring up saturation in the shadows. Maybe a bit of blur ao the car isn't sharper than the background video. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

    Take a look at the second tutorial I linked. It's Hitfilm 2, so the interface is a bit different, and it's not using the environment map to drive as much of the lighting, but it shows some effects Simon used after setting up the lights to enhance that particular shot. Between those two tutorials Simon really shows a variety of techniques to realistically blend 3D models into video.  

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