Getting Sony Vegas pro to open Hit film pro 2017

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At present if I right click a clip, "add Hitfilm effect" it opens HitFilm 2 Ultimate and not the latest version Pro 2017.

How can I change this to open the new version or any version I have, is this possible.

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    If you use Vegas Pro 14 and already installed HitFilm after your last Vegas Pro installation, try a clean reinstill of HitFilm.  There should be no special handling to make HitFilm Pro 2017 work with Vegas Pro 14.

    If it still doesn't work, in the Vegas Pro 14 program folder check the file "HitFilm.fio2007-config" and (having opened with an text editor) see what path is in there.

  • Thanks, it looks Ok and after trying it loaded pro 2017, I probably did not do a restart of the PC and perhaps that be have been the issue


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