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  • Uh... well ... (coughing on the smoke of my sudden appearance) .. . (this thing is burnin' oil)

    What it sounds like is when you sub an object for another it tends to take on the position of the parent, but "relative" to its own position when you brought it in.  Even though the original was "zeroed" out, the new object wants to glom onto the  position of the parent point plus it's own position when introduced into the scene.

    In which case you have to manually go into the transform settings for the updated object and do a reset on position and rotation.  After that it will be stuck to the parent point as it should be.

  • Thanks, @Stargazer54

    @ All : If you don't see me for a few days, it's because our power has gone out...along with our gas heat and lights. We've got a major ice storm predicted, starting now...and it is starting, so it's not a false alarm, and it is supposed to, according to warnings from our local sheriff's office, devastate our power lines...because the stupid power company refuses to put them underground.  So, if you don't see me around, that's why.

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    Here's hoping you have plenty of blankets and firewood. 

  • Got plenty of both. Have the wood stove going, and I'm baking off some chicken, since the cook stove will work, but not the overn.  We have a generator, but I can't start it without...power or a current bush. Manual start requires two guerillas and an iron man.  I also have auxiliary lights and plenty of batteries, plus emergency air bubblers for the aquariums.  We're as set as we're going to get. Thanks for asking.

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    I've given up on working on the final of the trailer for my SF novel for the moment.  Our new equipment arrived, so I did a test today of rerecording the audio...after spending all weekend helping my husband to integrate everything into our existing sound studio set-up.  Here's the unprocessed audio. I set it into a quick video. (Hitfilm was the only quick, easy thing about this whole process.)  Mind that this is raw audio. It hasn't been through post-production and mastering, yet, so there are some smacks and cracks and other nasties in it.


  • I finished the novel trailer. It's far from perfect, but it works for what it is intended. Syncing the sound was very tough, but I think I got it pretty good. The ships, especially the flying eye, aren't anything like they look in still imagery or even in 3D animation, but I couldn't get the textures and lighting to match what I do in other software.


  •  Thanks, @spydurhank . It's not as realistic as I was going for, but it's the best I can  do with my limited abilities so far.

  • Nice!

  • Sorry I've been gone. Last week lasted a month with my husband in trouble on the roads up in BC and Alberta and the snow, then icing that happened here, as well as up there. So, limping back, with a tweaked knee, some broken ribs and ripped muscles, I'm back.

  • Holy crap!  Glad you're in one piece.

  • Barely in one piece! 

    Sorry most about the ribs. Nothing you can do about cracked or broken ribs other than hurt with every breath. 

  • Get well Hitfilmer and nice looking production.

  •  I'm glad you made it back home and I hope you make it back to  one piece soon!

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    Thanks, all, @Aladdin4d , @Andy001z , @Triem23, @spydurhank , and @Stargazer54 . I'm just glad my husband got safely home after being surrounded by avalanches.  I'm afraid I've been doing a LOT of sleeping.  I managed to work out on the treadmill today, but just. And, yes, the broken ribs are very painful, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? :D

    I need some opinions and ideas for eye candy, but simple, space-oriented kinds of videos for non-distracting imagery, preferably mesmerizing, to go along with the audio recordings of my SF book.  I did the prologue, the raw test file linked above with the audio visual waveform, by just using the nebula background, zooming slowly out and overlaying the visual waveform. There are, however, 165 segments to this book, less if I group a couple of short chapters together. So I think that each one will have to be different, at least somewhat. I don't want anything distracting the ear, though. Ideas? The book is 168,000 words/970 pages long, as in epic space opera, and I want to do it justice since I'm putting so much time and effort into recording the audio.

    All help and suggestions appreciated.

  • Just finished the one posted in the Pro Help thread, a video only made possible by help from here. But I am going to post up my preference of the session, though the video is still just a cheap, rough cut because my husband hated it.

    I do cheap, fast renders to the files to run them by him before spending the time and effort to get them 'pretty' and rendered on good settings, so sorry about the quality, but, yes, he nixed this one instantly...but it would be my choice, rather than the one filled with the cut-aways when, where, and how he wanted.

  • @DLKEur  Overall, I hate to say it, but I think I like the first cut better.   But, this one is good, too...and I am sure a lot simpler to do!  If there was some way to "mask out" the table top to your right and blend it into the very dark edge of the backdrop behind your husband it would look almost as if you were recorded side by side instead of split screen, but I'd still like the other one better because it was more visually stimulating with all the motion.  The music was superb though!

  •  @tddavis : I'm laughing. Yeah. That's why he's running the show. I'm completely out of touch when it comes to what people actually will like.  And, yes, I was actually going to...and started, to mask out all the stuff we neglected to account for in these cams. And I was going to make it appear that we were side-by-side, using the entire videos to get it right. But there was no sense to doing it since he hated it.

    I'm glad to hear that his choice and scene mapping of the video works, because, while creating it, I was mentally disconnected, just working from his scripting...which is detailed to the 1/32nd note of the beat. Triem23 's suggestion to up the fps to 60 worked to be able to get it how Forrest wanted.

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    Ha! I didn't notice the split screen until about a third of the way through. I thought you were side by side.

    Beautiful rendition- all I can say is- Carry on my wayward @DLKeur !!! ;^)

  • Okay. Here's my latest work for my husband, a tribute to dead rock star Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. We shot this this weekend and I put it together in 5.5 hours for my husband while he slept.


  • @DLKeur  Not at all familiar with the man's body of work, but a nice tribute with the album covers & photos hitting the the high beats.  Also, a very nice touch at the end with the rain on window pane effect.  Kudos!

  • Clever use of the black clothing to allow the overlays. Nicely done. :)

  •  Thanks, @tddavis and @Palacono .

  • Awesome! :)

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    It's a well cut video and a lovely performance.

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