• Love this Javert, cool technique :)

  • Very cool effect. Bookmarked!

  • edited December 2016

    Aha, so basically it follows any Mask path or outline. That would be useful for so many things. The Stroke effect is one place where AE has had the advantage previously. Not any more... :)

  • Nice! The particularly clever bita were the blurred black text to add details to the center of the text, and the 360 degree overlay for the reflection! 

  • @inScapeDigital  Great tutorial and like ToddGroves I have bookmarked it for reference when I upgrade to 2017 (probably won't be until spring though )  Also, I'm glad to see the change at your preset website; now you truly are a marketplace.  I'll be browsing the added content soon.

  • Thumbs up!  Bookmarked, as well.

  • I, too, love the InScape Digital presets. I've grabbed a few I look forward to utilizing. The Neon Path FX is especially useful because you can use it for so many purposes. And as a big Blade Runner fan, I can see it's use in creating a Blade Runner type city with ease with this preset.

    Great job, InScape!!

  • Nice. Need to play with this!

  • Thanks everyone! Glad I could help.

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