HitFilm Ultimate

I'm still using Ultimate, but haven't opened it in a while. It used to load and display a lot of super sweet tutorial videos. Now, however, it just says "Connect tot the internet to download content from HitFilm.com"

I am connected with plenty of speed. Is this normal since this is an older version, if so is there I can still get to these videos?


  • Things have moved on a fair bit since Ultimate, I suspect the load screen links has changed somewhat and your old links are now redundant. Of course all those Sweet tutorials are still online just go search YouTube.

  • Hi @DavidL

    Due to an external change older versions of HitFilm are no longer able to connect to the Internet, so they can only activate "offline", and you won't see the program home screen filled with videos etc.

    As Andy says though, all that content is still available! Try the video tutorials section.


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