Star Wars Themed Short

A friend and I decided to scrap something together over Thanksgiving break. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism, as I will be taking a digital film making class next semester. Also, I shot this on my GoPro since it's the only option I have for a camera.


  •  @turnerm121  I clicked the link to watch but it's asking for sign-in info and I don't have a dropbox account.  Is it supposed to do that? 

  • turnerm121.
    For others to view your short film, turnerm121, please make the film publicly available and post the link to that again.

  • As an option, post the video on YouTube and set privacy to "Unlisted." At that point it doesn't show up on normal YouTube feeds, only if you directly post a link. 

  • @turnerm121  Pretty good.  You have the blades locked down well, and I really like the "Force Lightning wipe off"  That's is an original idea, no?  I don't recall ever seeing it done anyway.

  • @tddavis Yeah, that was something we thought up on the spot! Thought it would look pretty cool visually!

  • Like it, nice clean look, nice use of the effects.

  • Very good timing and effects using basic footage, even from a GoPro.

    Given that the basement floor plan indicates a McMansion you might just see a EPIC RED Dragon under the tree this year. We'll all be over for a New Year's shoot. Ha.

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