Explorations of Light | Compilation Dec 18, 2016

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Well there was actually nothing on mind while I was doing this but some how ended up with this. Hope you guys like it




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    Hello all,

    I just recently hold of this amazing software and boy I'm loving it big time. The turltorials are just too awesome.

    During the weekend , I kept on exploring this beast and just put something together along my son. Just from the first hand experience, I'm already getting lot of ideas. Let me know what you guys think.



  • Great to see you are enjoying hitfilm! Have a look at some of the hitfilm tutorials and maybe try the lightsaber effect. Or try the muzzle effects from the portal combat video, you will have a lot of fun trying those vfx.


  • Hey Jeroen, thanks for the comment. Yes, I'm going through tutorials everyday and able to understand how everything works.

    Will definitely make some new stuff soon.

  • Good stark, looked very Power ranger to me.

  • Hehe , thanks Andy, just playing around with the effects

  • Ahhhh, the good old rain down glass effect. Also the first thing I did in HitFilm when I realised it was possible :) Looking forward to seeing what you create next @Ahssan!

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    Thanks Kristie

     Learning for now but definitely going to end up making something interesting

  • Once you feel like getting fancy, learn about keyframing and tracking, and you'll be able to take this to the next level by timing the explosions to the impacts.  Good start, though!  I was totally intimidated by what Hitfilm was capable of when I jumped in.

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    Hi guys,

    This is my latest try with Hitfilm pro 4. Using lot of green screens, added waterfalls, mountains and sun at the back of mountains. The results been so far are great. I have added the latest video link here for people to view. Have a look and let me know what you think , how can I beautify it more by using different effects. 

    Original Scene:


    HitFilm Pro enhanced scene:


  • Your waterfalls are glowing! xD

    That's nitpicking, but this looks great, keep it up!

  • hehe , yes you picked it really well. Still need to work on unifying everything in the scene.  

  • Thanks Steve, ya already learning key framing and masking aspects of hitfilm. One just need to do lot of playing around with effects to learn more. This is a great application by far the best I have found.

  • I'm digging it. Great stuff. You've inspired me to make similar stuff.

    Well done :)

  • Hey Wedge, 

    Thanks for the appreciation. This hitfilm stuff is just too good. I already got inspired by so many great artists on this forum. If you want to take it to next level of magical work to be created then I would suggest get into Blender. Its just too awesome there. I will posting a simple work done in blender and visual effects in HF soon on this forum.

    Till then, keep exploring :)


  • Hi guys, 

    A small mix of blender mesh here. Created the objects and camera animation in it and rendered everything together in Hitfilm pro 4. Just some advertisement idea which can be used.


  • Nice!  You've got some good visual elements going there.

  • Yeah, that's looking sexy! 

  • Looking good :) The only thing I'd say is that the transition between 00:06 and 00:07 is a little jarring in comparison to the others - I think you just didn't blur out of it before the camera completed its movement, and as a result the final shot stops abruptly. 
    Lovely stuff otherwise!

  •  Whoa - that's quite a difference between the original scene and your awesome waterfall version. I like it!

  • Thanks guys for the comments.

    Ya Kirstie, I think I didn't notice your mentioned frames. Now when I looked in it again there are definitely overlooked aspects. This is a continuation of something I wan't to produce, will add more to the scenes and hopefully come up with a final version. :)


  •  Thanks Kirstie. The chromatic key effect is just too awesome in Hitfilm. One just get over excited with what unlimited one can do with this effect :)

  • Wow, I didn't even know this was possible with HitFilm! Thanks for sharing.

  • He Vlognos, the 3d in this way isn't possible but the effects certainly are :).


    Thanks for vieweing it

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    Using blender modeling and animation, coupled with special effects in hitfilm, this clip I produced for my son's youtube channel.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice work. I hope your son is properly thankful. 

  • Nice Bokeh!

  • Thanks guys, 

    @Trierm23, we can only hope for our new generation to be thankful to everything and not just these small achievements :)

  • @Ahssan ohh nice, very Tron like.

  • @Andy001z , thanks man , its a short intro but I feel like making a bit longer animation and adding few details in the room. lets see 

  • @Ahssan less is more, watched it a couple of times and it feels about right. Yep you could had some nice little lights tracing the floor panels or the logo at the end, but as I say looks right.

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