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Can you tell me how you open a new folder in Hitfilm 4 express. I have some mp4 video's that are in a folder from another film software program, I have copied them onto my desktop, dragged them into the media section of Hitfilm then into the timeline. I have clicked onto the drive that I want to save them on, created a new folder and clicked on save as and  saved them into that folder. then deleted the mp4 video's on my desktop. now when I go into open in hitfilm they are listed but the relink page appears I have tried several different ways of copying these files into folders  but they won't open. I know I must be doing something wrong, could you walk me through it please.



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    when you delete the clips on your pc, the clips are deleted.

    hitfilm do not duplicate clips or make copy,  hitfilm use only the clips.

    with "save as" hitfilm save only the effect, the edits, the compshots, text,  mask, keyframes, transistions, but not extern medias like clips, music or pictures.

    tip: i make for every new project on harddisk a seperate folder and copy all clips, music or pictures and the hitfilm-file in these folder.

  • Chriguf is correct. Hitfilm does not store copies of picture or video media in a project file. Like every NLE, Hitfilm stores a "pointer" telling Hitfilm where a file is stored. 

  • Hi

    Yes I did manage to sort it out and save my mp4 files which I already had on my hard drive  into a new folder that Hitfilm can recognise. Thank you Chriguf  and Triem your very clever you should be working for FXHome or perhaps you do.

    Many thanks


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