Yesterday Hud today ???

Well, i had some extra hour or so and i watch few HitFilm tutorials.
Basically i watched only volumetrical light fake tutorial and clone it to my project and then add some extra skill's what i do have (perhaps)... :)
What i got, well i got new intro for my photography pages...

Perhaps too epic for that use?


  • I like it! One suggestion I would try would be to smooth the keyframes that animate the volumetric light flare behind the lettering.

  • HitfilmSensei Thank you, i am not that far yet but surely i look up it...
    I think you are talking those diamond, square, triangle things at timeline...?

  • That is exactly right. When you highlight a keyframe, above the timeline are choices that you can pick as to which type of keyframe you want to use. Hover over each one and it will tell you which flavor it is. The smooth keyframe would look better for the light flare movement.

  • @Shooter99  Very nice!  Like the sound too.  Really grabs you.

  • tddavis Thank you very much. :)

  • Nicely done!

  • Triem23  Thank you very much.

  • Small Tweaking And Effect's added removed and sound check.

    Updated 4K version.

  • Like it, looks to be a small stutter in the final frames is that meant to be there as the light flares?

  • Final frames are just "burning video" at white frame.
    Seem like that i have to put 1 or 2 frames longer timeline than actual video is or it would end bit too late...

  • Looks very good!

  • I like the effect at the end and think perhaps that should be your intro, rather than the full extended version. The other effects and text are witty but extraneous to your specific professional image and brand.

    They'd be good for a futuristic, apocalyptic, world run by computers film intro.

    I say this only because I'm notorious for being overly clever and forgetting that I'm not the only audience I need to impress with my mental greatness. Sometimes less is more than enough.

  • Farscape
    You like the part where everything goes black... :)
    Ok, let's taste this little bit.
    First i was just testing everything and i really don't know any better text that cause this works same time as ad when i am showing it other people's.
    Second, i am just glad if you say what you think as you think cause, i see things only at my perspective and when i do same thing over and over again i become lazy and blind all of stuff, that is the moment when i need fresh eyes to tell how it looks  ( same as photography when photoshopping 5 hours one picture...)
    And yes, end after getting better text would work just alone better...
    Hopely i type everything what i had mind... :)

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