[Suggestion] Promote the HitFilm Forums in your YouTube videos! =)

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I would like to see this happen. I want to see more activity on the forums. I'm not complaining, I just think it would be cool to see a lot more activity here. We have moderators now, so I think it's time to move on to bigger things. :)

My suggestion is to start promoting the HitFilm Forums at the end of every YouTube video created by FXHome. I think a lot of people would want to share their ideas, projects and ask for advise and feedback. 

Do you guys agree? =)


  • I'm fairly certain that they already do this. But more traffic here isn't a bad thing.

  • 'Tis True, they do. But I agree with Andy.

  •  I don't see that they do. If they've done it just a few times than fair enough, though my suggestion is for them to start doing it everytime. =)

  • Is forum allowed all part's for every person who will create account here?
    Basically i add video at youtube where i add some free stuff but perhaps i create link for free stuff under this forum and link from youtube to here...

  • I believe we promote them a fair bit, but agreed that the more traffic the better!

    @Shooter99 I'm not sure what you mean.. the Forums are free for all to access, regardless of whether they have a product. It's not possible to upload files here, but you can post links. Hope that helps!


  • DanielGWood Yeah that was what i try to say.
    So they don't need to have product for read and comment here in forums.
    And also no item, just link at here.

  • That's correct. Anybody can access and comment in the Forums, they just need to create an account, which is free.

  • @DanielGWood Yes my suggestions are always pretty meh until I learn how to explain them properly.

    Basically it would be nice to see you guys promoting the forum at the end of every YouTube video you make, currently that's not the case. For those that you did promote it, those videos are obviously getting traffic, but a very tiny % of people are going to want to use the forums, so I think that constantly reminding people that it's there is a good thing.


  • @CNK Well put old chap, I'll make sure our YouTube stars see this :)

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