Are the HitFilm masking tools CPU heavy?

To avoid misunderstandings in the future, I need to point out that my CPU is below the minimum requirements to run HitFilm 4 Express.


I was wondering if the masking tools, in my case the Freehand Mask tool, are CPU dependant?

My PC specs:

A8 5500, 1TB HDD, 4 GB RAM, R9 380 4 GB

I did create quite a bit of mask points, but at one point, every single mask point I added had to load for about 4-5 seconds, so you can imagine that this took a while, it wasn't a problem, I have time, but it could have went a lot smoother, in my opinion. I really wanted to not lose that much detail, because it wouldn't look great, but I sort of gave up towards the end, apart from the small details of the plane...


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    I think Mask points may be a little like keyframes, which seem to be stored somewhere as individual little data packets. I think they're even written to disc as you apply them every now and then. So moving them about too much, removing a chunk of them, or having a lot of them in general can cause crashes, or general slowdown as some of the IO functions get their knickers in a twist.

    If you delete your mask, you can expect Hitfilm to lock you out for quite a while as it tidies up after itself.

    That said: you've used waaaaay to many for something that's made of straight lines and curves. You can move about 20x the distance between points than you have on the top of the aircraft, and you can also use the Bezier curves with the points to get nicer, and smoother curves than you could ever do with several points approximating a curve.

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    @Palacono Definitely used too many, but it's just (Edit: Also a way) to get more comfortable with the masking tool. Getting used to the hotkeys to move the hand, zoom in and out, and create mask points (it just happend to be a plane that I had already cut out in Photoshop). You can still see the blue sky inside the cockpit. I was just curious what I should upgrade first to make masking smoother. :)


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    OK, you'll get used to it, alright :) Watch out for it deciding a point is on a curve and not linear when you want to change it. You have to Right-Click slightly off the point to be able to change its type from the pop up menu. Meant to make a video about that.

    Have you considered either a Luminance key or a couple of stacked Hue & RGB Effects instead? :D

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    @Palacono  By the way, believe it or not, after I created all my points, I realised I had already been using the cut out .png from Photoshop, so all I had to do was add it ontop of my background layer and create a 3D scene and just keyframe it. That made me want to bash my head into the wall just now, oh god, lol...

    Here's the result if you're interested, it's a cool way (I thought) to use the 2D to 3D effect, instead of just mountains... =)

    (I'm at that stage where I didn't think about a balloon!)

  • Are you going to make it fly over the landscape, now?

  • @CNK  I liked the parallax you have going on there as the camera moves in.  For me it adds a definite distance between the layers.

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    At no point are mask points or keyframes written to disk as they are applied. We are aware of the performance issues in mask editing.

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    @DLKeur No sorry, I have already moved on to a different project, I'm just learning the basic techniques, and so maybe in the future I'll make my own thread and share my work with you all. :)

    @tddavis  Thank you! =)


    To avoid misunderstandings in the future, I need to point out that my CPU is below the minimum requirements to run HitFilm 4 Express.

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    @Danny7uk OK, just a guess, thought might be connected/distant cousin to  bug #26 with the slow keyframes delete thing.

    So just very fragmented memory then? Wow, takes me back to writing memory management software and doing integrity checks by having a timer event scramble all the handles and then re-sort all the memory packets to try and catch something out that might be using an out of date handle. Fun times...not. :D

    I have autosave set to one minute, but I can easily spend more than one minute messing with masks. What happens when an autosave request comes up while I'm playing with masks, including deleting points?

    Am I actually making it slightly more likely to crash by forcing regular autosaves than if they were spaced further apart, or does it only do those in idle time? If in idle time, and I stop doing something for a minute, then start again just as it's saving (or press undo on a large block of them) is it more or less likely to crash?

    BTW, I think I get the most crash problems when I need to do a large bunch of undos; like pounding on Ctrl-Z 10 times in about 2 seconds...<pause>.......<crash>.

  • @Danny77uk ; Thank you for acknowledging that you are aware of the performance issue surrounding the number of points in a mask.  I'm working on a test scene and one mask has about 100 points in it.   It is excruciatingly slow to adjust points.

    I've tried fewer points and converting some to Bezier curves but that doesn't always allow matching a shape such as jagged rocks, for instance. 

    This is one of those things that makes HF difficult to use in a production environment.  Looking forward to a fix. 

  • I noticed this when I first bought Hitfilm 3. Was hoping it was fixed in 4 but to no avail.  Since I don't plan to upgrade Im kinda stuck with what I got :-(

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