[Feedback] Don't you guys find it odd that FXHome have yet to make a color correction tutorial?

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It's the very basics of filmmaking, so I find that odd. I responded earlier to a thread about color, and I tried looking for a video made by FXHome to point to, but I couldn't find any.

The effects tutorials and advise videos are all solid, good on you FXHome! =)


  • Mmmmm. They've done a couple of tutorials on color grading.

    Color correction and grading is a complex topic and there are--literally--books that are hundreds of pages long on the topic. 

    A decent tutorial on color correction is likely far longer than the 5-10 minutes FxHome seems to aim for. 

    Colors, levels, gamma and color wheels are pretty standard and generic terms. Honestly any color correction tutorial for Ae would pretty much directly translate to Hitfilm. 

  • I just feel like it's such a good thing to learn especially when trying to make effects fit in to your scene!

  • Agreed. 

  • I agree with what Triem says, also (a big guess here) the selling points of the software to the widest audience is going to be aimed at those wanting the vfx, rather than the "less interesting" aspects of colour grading. So the bias of the tutorials is to the vfx aspects as most people seem to be more interested showing us the umpteenth stars wars forced lightning effect, clone effect, and whatever is in vogue rather than "look at my colour graded video".

    Although I use motion 5 for most of my work (and using ignite try to do more hitfilm stuff in motion) I really like the colour wheels in hitfilm, so colour grading tutorials would be more than welcome.

  • Also, until HFP2017 there were no scopes, so any advice would have been... difficult to follow.

  • @Palacono That's an understatement. 

  • But you can do a first pass by turning down saturation and matching the red, green and blue channels for general contrast in black and white.

  • I didn't think about that TINY detail. Although you don't need to get everything perfect, just more consistent across the different shots. That is definitely do able in earlier versions of HitFilm. Accurate colors are overrated. =)

  • Color grading is a deep topic, definitely not a basic one. Doing color properly for a film starts in preproduction. The costume and set design along with the lighting designs determine a lot of it. Getting consistent exposures on set goes a long way to facilitating it.

    Color grading is an art, as are cinematography and acting. A 5-10 minute tutorial is probably in the works for showing how the tools in HitFilm work, but actual color grading would take a LOT more than a few tutorials to cover. FXHome would be helping its users more by showing them how to use the tools in HitFilm than in attempting to teach them color grading. It would also be pretty redundant, since you can find some free and/or inexpensive tutorials on color grading in Resolve, and most of what you'd learn  from those will apply to HitFilm, more and more as HitFilm continues to evolve.


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