Red Giant Universe not showing in trial version (Resolved)

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I'm still trying out Hitfilm, so it's not yet activated, but I thought I would also try out the trial version of Red Giant Universe (which no longer appears have a free version).

Thing is, although the installer recognises that HitFilm is there, runs the installer and everything, gives me a HitFilm tick box to tick, when I launch Hitfilm there is no sign of anything in the effects area.

Has Universe 2 changed where it should be? Or are plugins just not going to show up in the trial version of Hitfilm 2017?




  • @LarryPlane HitFilm (all versions) does not load any OFX plugins in the demo version. This explains why you wouldn't see mocha nor BCC either.

    We know that this isn't ideal for people that want to try those plugins but we would have to remove the unlimited time trial, which we feel wouldn't be a good idea. We like the fact that you can try using the whole software for as long as you want, follow tutorials and truly evaluate if HitFilm is what you need before buying it. To allow this, we had to disable export as well as OFX plugins.

    We do have a 14 days return policy for a full refund though, so that might suit you better?

  • Hi,

    That's cool. I figured that it was probably a restriction of the demo, especially when I couldn't find BCC

    So far I'm on track to buy HF, pretty sure I'm not going to need the 14 days.

    Impressed with the tech support here at HF. Adobe could learn a lot from you guys.

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