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I have downloaded the free version of HitFilm 4 Express. Each time I open  the program the home page is full of adverts of video's, is it possible to get rid of these, is so can you tell me how please.


Michael Blount


  • Nope. Those are all official videos from the HitFilm YouTube channel.

  • And they are there to help, inspire and inform. Enjoy.

  • Hi @MichaelBlount,

    I'm afraid there is no opt-out of the home-page advertising. It includes free tutorials, videos from the HitFilm channel, blog posts and occasional notification of sales - all of which most users find helpful.

    In my personal opinion, it's a fairly un-intrusive form of advertising, as you can quickly go to New/Open/Recent projects without being forced to actually consume it (AKA unskippable ads before YouTube videos!).

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    @DanielGWood  -- would performance improve if that page wasn't loading the internet at the same time you're trying to create a new project? ;)

    (I strongly believe that the snappier the experience, the happier the customer, due to the first impression rule...)

  • I don't think it would have a massive impact to remove the advertising - the program still has to contact our servers in order to check licensing info and check for software updates. Where people have had issues with the home screen being slow in the past, the initial lookup and connection have been about as slow as actually loading the content.

  • @DanielGWood  My internet speed up and down is around 90 Mbit/s, but I do run the software on a hard drive, could that be what's causing it? Although Photoshop feels pretty snappy in comparison, it's still slow upon creating a project, but loading up and looking at the main work area doesn't feel slow.

  • Create a dummy project and open that every time instead - remember to save it with a new name. Write protect the file so you can't overwrite it by mistake. Actually, I think it was Triem23 that suggested that. :)

  • @Palacono I was just coming to suggest that very thing! Although my "dummy" files also have a few other things in them. A couple of pre-rigged cameras, a simple three-point light setup, a black, white and 50% grey plane at project resolution, and a comp with a large text object set up as a workaround notepad. 

  • @CNK The resources used to display that home page are insignificant. It first loads a simpler version that doesn't contain the online stuff from disk and then replaces it with an "online" version. We had an issue in our internal build months ago which forced us to completely disable the home page until we found a solution and I can assure you that HitFilm wasn't any faster.

    On launch what is taking most of the time isn't related to the web (regardless of your internet connection speed). HitFilm creates textures on the GPU, loads installed fonts, does a first lookup of the plugins, checks the license and as you can imagine a lot of other things, these were just the ones I could think of on top of my head.

    I don't know if you remember but in the HitFilm 3 days, we had an online home page that was animated and several of you guys said that you were finding this distracting so we changed it to a more static page. In this instance however, I think that removing it would have a negative impact. The home page shows tutorials and other things that will be helpful to new users (for example free stock footage at the moment). If you aren't interested in what's on the home page, you can do File > New or File > Open before the online content even loads. I do it all the time, you don't need to wait ;)

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    @CedricBonnier  It still takes a while, but then after closing it and then re open it it's like 10x faster than previous launch. This has to do with the fact that I'm using a HDD, right?

    AMD A8 5500, R9 380, HDD, 4 GB RAM.

  • @CNK it takes a while because it creates a secure connection to HitFilm servers, downloads the page as well as all the images and then caches everything, which explains why it's faster the second time. That cache is sometimes invalidated, based on the time it got created probably. I'm not really sure, I'm not a chromium developer :)

    The main thing is that even if it takes a few seconds to load the online version, it is not preventing you from using HitFilm.

  • @CedricBonnier  Glad we cleared that up.

    Thank you for the speedy response! =)

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