HitFilm 4 Express crashing; HitFilm 3 works

This discussion was created from comments split from: HitFilm 2 Express encountered a problem and has to exit.


  • HItfilm 3 Is wokring but HItfilm 4 is not working when I opne new error comes Like 

    We're sorry

    Hit film 4 Express encountered a problem and has to exit

  • Hitfilm 3 is not activeted actuly if you help me to active it please ?


  • @Mukeshpanchal can you clarify which version of HitFilm 3 you are using? Is it Express or Pro?

    Either way if you do not already have a license for it, we are not issuing new licenses for HitFilm 3.

    Concerning the crash in HitFilm 4, can you please tell us your computer specs:

    - CPU

    - Graphics card

    - RAM

    - Operating system

    Please also check that your graphics card drivers are up to date.

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