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Random thought that keeps bugging me. Am I right in thinking that out of all the terminator films we have never seen a POV of the T1000?


  • Hang on I'll just sit through the films and let you now... wait... know not got the time... sorry.

  • We never saw a T-1000 POV shot because the T-1000, according to James Cameron,  doesn't actually see. 


    "The deleted scene of T-1000 searching John's room was specifically shot to show the audience that T-1000 doesn't see but that he senses, like an insect or Alien. He carefully touches and massages everything with the tips of his fingers. "Touch" is a key word here - it's the same way T-1000 samples objects."

  • @Triem23 bet your good at quiz shows too!! :)

  • @Andy001z I do ok at Trivia quiz. Usually 4th or 5th if about 15 teams, but I'm playing alone against 4-to-6 person teams. 

    But I Googled this one. Another user in another forum had this link and quote posted already. 

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    Thanks for the  reply @Triem23, the deleted John's bedroom scene would've made it clearer I guess, or some exposition from the T800. 

  • The POWER of GOOGLE!!!

  • GodofThunder I'm not certain if that's a detail that needs to be clarified, actually. I never thought about a T-1000 HUD before, really, and I think it's, overall, not terribly important. 

    But one shouldn't put much thought into Terminator tech. Otherwise, well, Kyle Reese comes back nekkid because onmy organic material can be sent through a time travel bortex, but... Well, I guess cotton, hemp and leather (all organic) don't exist, or something? And a T-800 is wrapped in fkesh because only organic material can time travel, unless the mineral bits are, um, wrapped in organics or something? But a T-1000 can time travel because, um... It grows organic skin or something? 

    Or we can just ignore that it doesn't actually make any sense at all and enjoy the story. 

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    I've enjoyed all the terminators films good and bad. It was just a thought that was bugging me, and like Andy said I couldn't be bothered to watch through them to find out. :-)

    As for the rest of the details as Andy said I've got from google, the POV was the only one thing I couldn't find anything about. 

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