Short film for video production class

Hello Hitfilm,

    This is my first short film,  I did this short film for a video production college class and  there was a time limit of 3 minutes for the film.  The film is due Dec 15th.   This project took a month to complete.    If there are any suggestions please help me out.... Thanks.



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    Can't see that at work, can't you stick it on an unlisted YouTube link?

  •  So you are saying that I should post it on youtube so you can view it?


  • I watched it. Not sure what happened that made her decide to throw it out, as that was a bit confusing, "it's getting unbearable" "I need to stop it" etc. and some blood on a bandage?

    Then she then says something like  "I should have done this a long time ago". Why?

    And 17+ seconds of trying to turn the TV off is a large part of the  allocated 3 minutes that might have been used elsewhere.

  • The use of a magical item "Knife,  Ouija Board" that continues to reappear even after an attempt to destroy it,  is a staple of the horror genre.  Usually there are significant events that notify the owner that the item is haunted, cursed etc.  We have grown to expect an unanticipated death of a pet or a near death of a family member.   During this time,  the scenes are  punctuated with suspense.  I was waiting for sound effects that  bring in the viewer that something is   seriously amiss.     I wasn't sure if this was about a supernatural Knife or it was about a young girl returning home after a first semester in college  with serious misgivings about returning. 

  • @Palacono   THANK YOU, thank you for your advice about  the 17+ seconds  trying to turn off the t v,.. this gave me more room to work with.   I'm working on the revision, I'll post it soon as I can

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