Importing Presets not in .hfpr (Resolved)

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I downloaded some presets from InScape Digital ( and they are all .zip files containing one .hfp project, and various folders with .png files. When I try to import them into Hitfilm, it only looks for .hfpr files, of which the presets contain none. I can see others have been able to use InScape's presets, but I can't. Any ideas?


  • @Vespil if it's an HFP file, open it as a project. While it's called "Preset" marketplace a lot of them are actually template projects. For example, if you download my simple Slideshow, it's a project file. Then you drop yourown images into the Composite Shot media holders. 

  • @Triem23

    When I load as a composite shot it changes all .png files to say Offline Media.

    Offline Media Error Screenshot

  • When you open the project a message should come up saying media files can't be found. This is because your file tree isn't identical to whoever made the original template. Double-click a file in that list and select it at its  new location. Then Hitfilm will know where they live. If files are actually MISSING right-click the file in the Media Pool, select "Relink" and select your own media. 

  •  @Triem23

    I do not get the relink message.

  • Hmmmm. Try the manual relink from the media pool. 

  • do you unpack the zip on your harddisk or have you only doubleklick on the zip-file?

  • @chriguf great question, and one I should have remembered to ask. It wouldn't be the first time a user had issues with projects or media because they'd not unpacked the zip. 

  • @Triem23


    I did extract the files on my hard drive. 

    Now what I do is find the .png that is offline and add to the composite shot. Then I copy all the information from the faulty one to the newly added one. It takes a bit longer, if many images appear offline, but it works . 

  • It's a lot faster to right-click the file in the Media Bin and reload the file by selecting Relink. 

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    Usually it shows the offline files that need to be relinked, as it did in HF4 as well when you open the project again. However with these comps it behaves as though nothing is wrong.

  • You can still right click in the Media panel to relink them.

  • I understand now. I do apologize for my little knowledge on hitfilm as I am quite new.

    One day I will be like @Triem23 and @inScapeDigital and actually be a walking Hitfilm encyclopedia. One day.

  • @Vespill No worries, enjoy the presets!

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