Ignite not showing up in Motion 5? (Resolved)

Ignite does not show up in motion 5


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    @timepassages what version of Ignite are you trying to use? Also what version of macOS are you running?

    Have you tried reinstalling Ignite to see if the installer fixes it?

  • Mac os sierra. The newest version of ignite. Tried to reinstalling.

  • @timepassages have you tried uninstalling first before installing it again? If you launch Ignite Pro 2017 app bundle there is an uninstall button at the bottom.

    After installing, could you check what is in the "/Library/Plug-Ins/FXPlug" folder (you can use Cmd+Shift+G in the Finder and copy paste the path)?

    Are you using Motion 5.3? We tried it here with Ignite Pro 2017 and Sierra and everything works as expected. Sorry about the inconvenience

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