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How do I anmimate writting a text on a blackboard with Chalk?


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    You can find an animated font, where you construct the text with individual letter that draw themselves as mini movies. Or you could  record yourself with screen capture software writing it in a Paint program. Then load in the movie and mask and key out the bits you didn't want.

    Or you can find a paint package that allows you to save a movie of the font being drawn with a stroke effect.

  • Or you can get a green suit.  And film yourself or someone else writing on the chalk board and Chroma Key out the person....



  • Sounds more like you need whiteboard animation software.  There are several out there that will automatically create the movie with various hands, pens, chalk, pencil, etc including custom graphics.

    I use Easy Sketch Pro and Video Maker FX.  While the company that sells this software is more like a MLM company, and hence I actually do not like giving out the names, the actual software DOES work as advertised and creates quite good videos.

    The other alternative is Videoscribe or Truescribe, which require a monthly plan.

    You could do this in Hitfilm, but it would be long, tedious work.  These softwares do it automagically and then you can bring it into Hitfilm for editing, effects and finishing.


  • A variation on one of @Palacono's suggestions - Use a paint program with a brush stroke player to play back your strokes while you capture with screen capture software. Better still in my opinion, spring for PD Howler which can record your brush strokes straight to an animation which is how I did this:

    If you use this link  it's on sale through December 4 for $30.34 


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    If you are only "writing" a small phrase or set of words, you can use masks to do this.( Which may be what Karma was referring to.)

    You could create the completed set of the text writing as an image file of text on transparent background. You can set up a plane beneath in Hitfilm to be the blackboard. 

    Start with the whole set of text masked then key frame the mask to reveal the text, in the direction that your chalk would be writing. You will need multiple masks to uncover letter components, such as the  cross on a "t".

    This can be quite labour-intensive but if this is a one-off requirement and your budget is like mine, then it is a handy compromise instead of buying software designed to do this.

  • @Aladdin4D  Oh, cool.  Thanks for that video and heads up.  I bought Howler a while back for it's landscape/terrain painting ability but have still not used it for a project yet or learned much about it, and I had no clue it could reproduce this effect like the stroke/ reveal mask effect I saw in AE.

  • @tddavis The Stroke Player is under the Animation menu with a few different modes. I used the Hancock mode which was designed for handwriting and I'm not even going to get into the Brush Keyframer just remember that Howler brushes can be fully animated too. Here's quick demo of some Stroke Player stuff:

    While I'm at it I'm going to mention another way many people may already have access to - PowerPoint.

  • @Aladdin4D  Great!  I used to use Powerpoint in Office 97 back in the day, but I have switched to OpenOffice now and I checked and I'm pretty sure I can get the same result with some tweaking to the directions.  I got a similar one pretty quick, but it needs more of my attention to learn what everything does there in naming of stuff.  But the heads up are greatly appreciated.

  • Fantastic - thx all for your great support - now I dive into your answers and find the technic that suits me - have super HF day :)

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