Doctor Strange VFX - Rune Shield and Vortex

VFX shot for my first guest host HitFilm tutorial coming this Thursday, would appreciate feedback:


  • Looks lovely, the green glow works very well.

  • Awesome indeed.


  • I'll assume you mean your first tut as guest host of the Hitfilm YouTube Channel.

    You've done plenty of tuts. 

    I look forward to seeing your techniques. I have a few guesses as to how you approached the shot. You did get the look down! 

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Ring o' fire looks like it's facing the wrong way on the reverse shot. It's rotating the right way, but the 'sticky out bits' look to be facing against the direction of the rotation.

    Or it could just be my eyes. :)

  • Speaking of eyes . . . . the glow in the eyes is a nice touch.

  • Nice and good job.

  • Thanks everyone! Here is the tutorial:

  • @inScapeDigital Excellent.  Clean, crisp and to the point.  Can't wait to give this a go!

  • Javert, your shield setup is more complex than I thought, and your particle sim less complex than I thought. You've got a really good tempo for your delivery on this one. As always, your explanations are clear and to the point. Good job. 

  • Great tutorial! I love the shield creation, can't wait to give that a try myself!

  • Excellent work.  I've gotta try this later!

  • inScapeDigital  Great effect recreation and superb tutorial.  And especially your sound quality.  I'm old and have trouble hearing so many youtube tutorial videos but you had it clear and well spoken and so easy for me to follow. Kudos and thanks for the presets I downloaded from you.  Don't know if or when I'll get around to using them but I am a notorious collector of things that interest me.

  • Nice tutorial and I tried to semi-replicate it in HF4E, but discovered some unexpected (to me anyway ) behavior when parenting.
    Here if anyone's interested. Palaconos-random-blathering-thread

    BTW, If you ignore the 'bug'(or normal behaviour?) HF4E users could make something sorta similar too, if they stand back a few feet and squint a lot at the result.

  • I love the simplicity and beauty of the ring. I did make one tweak for flexibility.

    I used one extra point as the main center of the ring. Then the three emitter points are parented to the main center point. This gives one edit point to adjust the number of rotations to get the look you need for your comp duration. This also lets you easily move the ring in 3D space or even parent that main point to something else in effect attaching the ring to something. It also lets you easily rotate the ring on the other two axes. Fast rotations on these other axes disconnects the three emitters from the same plane but it does have an interesting spiral dance look of the emitters.

  • edited December 2016

    @Triem23 Thanks, I really tried to slow this one down and not skip anything important.

    @tddavis I'm glad to hear that!

    @NormanPCN Good idea, it's nice to see when people improve on effects.

  • @NormanPCN @Inscapedigital I actually assumed Javert would have used a multi point rig for the ring, but thought a simple anchor point offset was very clever.

    Incidentally, my theoretical design for this effect would be to use a lower particle speed, but add some velocity from emitter. Javert's is pretty dead on to the film, so I don't know if my idea would look as close, but, you know, ideas are for sharing. 


  • Playing around in 4 Express and came up with this. Definitely not like the film but I still like the result. The symbols are a text layer in an embedded comp using an Alphabet of the Magi font. The rings are thin plane duplicates in the same comp. Polar Warp dropped on the comp made it all circular.

  • I like it!  Very hypnotic.

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