Particle Systems is Missing User Interface for Lifetime (Resolved)

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MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.1
HitFilm Pro 2016 v 5.0.0098


The particle system doesn't have the user interface for the lifetime for it's particles. Yet particle systems copied from older projects do exhibit the behaviour of lifetime all without the user interface.


Bring back the user interface for particle lifetime.


  1. Open HitFilm
  2. Create a composite shot
  3. Add a Particle Simulator
  4. Look for particle lifetime


  • Menu bar -> View -> Panels -> Lifetime.

  • Also, a specific particle system with the particle simulator must be selected before anything is shown in the lifetime panel. Each particle system within a given particle simulator layer has unique lifetime settings.

  • Thank you both for the heads up. I was able to make some changes to my particle lifetime.

    An updated tutorial that focuses on using lifetime of particles would be very helpful.

  • There have been zero changes to how particle lifetime works since the last one. Although I suppose three version updates is enough time. 

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