What's up with the particle presets? (Missile Smoke, Sparks, & others)

So, last night I lost a couple hours to troubleshooting this.

I loaded a HF3Pro project into HF2017, and noticed that a bunch of my Missile Smoke effects stopped working.  They were done in 2D comps, with the effect parented to a tracked point.  The settings hadn't changed at all, but the emitters simply stopped, well, emitting.  Changing the emitter settings didn't fix the issue.

Deleting and re-adding the effect, then re-parenting it to the point didn't always put the effect back onto the point, even after zeroing out the position attribute.

Even worse(?), it seems like if there are any 3D elements in the scene, the particle effect defaults to 3D space or something, as it becomes impossible to parent to the 2D tracked point; since the origin of the emitter is now in 3D space, it will be off-kilter due to the Z coordinate (I'm assuming).  Parenting the point and zeroing out the position simply returns the emitter to 0, 0, 0 in world space rather than allowing it to track onto the selected point.  I noticed a similar issue with the Sparks effect.

This is a royal pain in the neck, and I've had to go through my entire project and redo all of the smoke effects.  Are any of these observations bugs, and if not, are there workarounds?


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    Sorry Steve, not actually been on my PC in a couple of weeks so I can't confirm. That said, I did load some HF3 projects with particle sims into the HFP 2017 beta to remaster at 1080p for the launch video and didn't have any issues, but I was using full custom particle sims not presets. The presets may have a slightly different engine? 

  • I've still got the old project, so if anyone needs me to export the guilty comps for troubleshooting I'd be happy to give it a go.  Thanks for following up.

  • @SteveKarstensen - Please accept my apologies for the late reply, if you have the Projects that would be great. I can then get this looked at ASAP.


  • @Ady

    Thanks a bunch.  Can you advise me on the best way to deliver the relevant files?  IE do you just need the composite itself, the entire project, the relevant media/videos, etc?  I can Dropbox whatever's required.

  • @SteveKarstensen - No problem, thank you for being so willing to help out, we really appreciate that!

    If we could have the whole project & any relevant media that would be great. Although if the issue is with the Particle Presets, any media in the project most likely would not be required.

    Please message me any links & look at them ASAP.


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    Here you go.  I put the entire project in this folder, although some resources (that probably aren't necessary) came from elsewhere on my computer and weren't included.  If you have issues with these missing resources, let me know and I'll send them along.  (Nothing in this project is proprietary, so I don't have a problem posting it here.  Unless there's any of you not wanting spoilers for DOWNFALL, that is!)

    I've included both the HF3 Pro project file and the current HF2017 project files.  For at least one of the comps, you may need to refer to them both.

    Speaking of which, I've also included a text file called "Troubleshooting.txt", in which I've listed the names, as well as Editor timeline positions, of both working and non-working comps, as not all of them malfunctioned during import.  If you need a more comprehensive list (I apologize, it's a big project!), I can provide it.  In theory, any comp using the Missile Smoke or Sparks presets should be useful (although I don't know if it's possible to search for them - you may have better tools available for browsing the project files than I do!).


    If you need anything else, just ask.


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