Newest Short Film


Let me know what you guys think. Always up for constructive criticism.


  • Well done some nice shots in there and nice use of light  , the audio in the first scence had me a little confused other than night its fine . 

    Always find it a little odd to say the least this . Some one like your self  takes the time to post a film and ask for feedback . And all you see is the resident posters circlejerk there 5 threads .Community manager should help put a focus on people who actully make stuff its stale in here , bit support for young filmmakers should be a priority

  • @Alchemist yeah, and the Movie Wall got discontinued--although, to be fair, it was being flooded with five million identical videos from users who were uploading multiple iterations of test renders and a surprising amount of porn.

    The current solution was to split off a User Gallery category, of course. A mixed success. 

    Brain132, sorry--I missed this one and will check it out latet, next time I am on wifi. 

  • Brain.

    Audio in the first (and last) scene is a killer--it's almost enough to make a viewer stop watching. Any chance of getting the actor to ADR?

    That's the negative comment. Otherwise I appreciate the choice of starting with two fairly long dialog scenes with static cameras and actors. It's an unusual choice in 2016, and is very theatrical. I appreciate keeping the camera on-sticks for most of the film. It's a classic way of shooting and the choices of camera angles are good, indeed. Now that you've shown you can compose an interesting shot using layered elements, balanced and unbalanced compositions, changing angles and zoom for invisible cutting, etc etc...

    When you DO move your camera you'll do it for a reason and maintain your compositional rules. You won't just have an unmotivated camera move because, (no) reasons like so many shorts do. 

    I won't claim I fully understood what the film was trying to say, but I was entertained. You've got camera and editing down. That's actually tough. Next will be refining your "voice" for story and dialog. That comes with time and experience. So go make more films and get both under your belt. 

  • I watched about half but not sure what this was about, felt very much as if it was trying to confuse me the viewer, or maybe that's just me having a "thick as sh*& moment".

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