Audio out of sync from the start (HitFilm 3 Pro) (Resolved)

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 Hey all.  Let me start off by saying I am a casual user so not very experienced with the program, I just did some odd stuff here and there.

Now, this is driving me crazy. I have a video recording that is perfectly synced, I start a new file and make sure the frames etc are identical, I drag the clip into the editor whitch prompts the "match settings" dialog.. And STILL the audio goes notably out of sync after a minute or two. Am I doing something simple very wrong here? This is driving me nuts...


  • Most of the time when you have audio sync issues your problem is that you have variable frame rate video (VFR). It needs to be transcoded to constant frame rate for video editing. Video players do play fine with VFR video. They only play sequentially. Editors want constant frame rate as they are doing much more than just playing footage back in sequence.

    Most screen capture programs capture video in a variable frame rate. Phones typically capture VFR footage. I do not know about the various webcams out there. Too many to know.

    You can use the free MediaInfo utility to examine your source video to see if it is VFR.

    VFR media needs to be transcoded to constant frame rate. See the sticky thread at the top of the thread list. It's title is about editing game footage.

  • @TomT Here is a video that I made outlining exactly how I deal with and fix this issue in Hitfilm.

  • That seems to have fixed it, many thanks! :)

  • @TomT Glad to hear it!

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