Problem with mocha camera solve & file opening

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when i make camera solve in mocha and import the composite shot in 2017pro, only ten (10) Frames was tracking, the rest was inexistent..

and.... i can not open this mocha-file again...


  • Hi @chriguf - We are probably going to need the footage you are using & how you are setting up your track in order to reproduce this.

    P.S I have edited the thread title to better describe the problem, I hope you don't mind. 

  • thx Ady

    i will send the footage next possible... with media, mocha-file and hitfilm-file..

  • @chriguf - No problem! Get it to us when you can :)

  • ow... i tested with same clip and same way... "10frame" issue is gone... curious.. maybe a "new start" after install is not the same like shut down and start pc  the other day.

    but second problem is not solved... in mocha the "open file" (button left on top  or "new"  are not available.. the button save is available.. 

  • EmmaEmma Staff
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    Hi @chriguf

    When you launch the mocha UI, do some work, and save the mocha project either by selecting 'File > Save Project' or by closing the mocha UI and selecting 'Save' when prompted, there's no external file written. That's why you can't find an 'Open File' option.

    What saving does is keep the data around in HitFilm so that if you launch the mocha UI again on the same visual object / layer, it remembers the state from last time you used it on that object.

    And if you're wanting to start afresh, you can delete the instance of the mocha HitFilm plugin you've added and apply a new one.

    I hope that helps.

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    thx emma..

    but i must import the mocha-saved-file in hitfilm and do the "input" file in the comp. with the video-file... is there some tutorial? the handling is completely other with hitfilm4..

    and when i open the camera solve-data-comp-shot file, i have a blue plane instead the clip..

  • Yes, as chrigruf said, some how the handling of mocha export changed. And there is no tutorial on it, yet....

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