HitFilm Pro 2017 Color Wheels Behavior

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Hello, I've noticed some odd behavior with the colour wheels effect with Hitfilm Pro 2017.  It seems that the Saturation ("S") slider position and color are not in sync with the point on the color wheel (same behavior on highlights, mid tones and shadows, but just demonstrating with one wheel below).

Below is the default setting after adding the color wheel effect.  With the marker in the center of the color wheel, the "S" slider should be at 0 instead of 0.5 if I'm not mistaken.


Rotating the Hue dial, the color on the "S" slider doesn't match.  It seems to be mirrored almost...like it's a +ve angle rotation in stead of -ve.

Lastly, moving the point on the color wheel away from the center has no affect on the "S" slider.

I don't have Hitfilm 4 Pro installed at the moment, but it seems that this behavior is different from what I remember.

Steps to reproduce:

- Start a new project

- Insert a clip on the timeline

- Add the "Color Correction Wheels" effect to the clip

My PC specs: Intel Core i7 4790K CPU, Nvidia GTX980Ti GPU (lastest 375.86 drivers installed), 16 GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400 RAM, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (latest updates applied).

If there's any more info needed on my end, just let me know! :)


  • @francisw19 thank you very much for reporting this.

    The first issue (Hue not matching in the slider) is a bug, we'll fix it in an update. The angle of the color wheel got reversed (ie it's rotating the other way around) in HitFilm Pro 2017 to be consistent across all plugins and other programs.

    The second one (slider not moving) however is by design and the behavior changed in HitFilm Pro 2017. This slider represents the saturation and not the strength. This was changed to match the new YUV color correction plugin and allow modifying both the saturation and the strength without showing the controls.

    PS: nice bug report! ;)

  • Glad to help!

    And thanks for the clarification on the changes as well. :)

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