BCC Errors Thread (Merged from three threads)

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Help!! Boris Continuum Complete has disappeared from the effects menu!! It was there the last time I worked on Hitfilm


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    Are you using Hitfilm 2017? If yes, did you have Hitfilm 4 installed previously? If yes, did you uninstall Hitfilm 4? 

    I ask those items since I uninstalled my Hitfilm 4 and noticed that BCC was no longer in the effects list in 2017. BCC 10 for Hitfilm was still on disk. I assumed the activation flag for the old BCC and the new BCC is somehow interconnected and got cleared by the HF4 uninstall. I just reinstalled Hitfilm 2017 and I have been good to go since then.

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    @NormanPCN ,

    I am using Hitfilm 2017, I didn't have 4 Pro previously. BCC was there and I used it twice until yesterday. I want to fix it without reinstalling Hitfilm, as I do not want to use up my 3 licences.

  • Don't worry about using up your licenses. Go to File Menu>Options>Activations and deactivate the software before uninstall. Or, visit your account page here to deactivate a license. You eeffectively have infinite installations, but only three can be active at a time. 

  • You can reinstall without eating up a license seat. Hitfilm identifies your specific machine and will just notice that you are installing on the same machine it has already been activated on. Still, it only take a few handfuls of seconds to deactivate and reactivate.

    Upgrade the operating system, change the CPU, motherboard or other critical items (Ethernet!) and Hitfilm will think that is a "new" machine you are installing on.

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    Ah, I see. I will attempt that and see how it goes.

  • @Vespill - Any update on this, did you manage to get this working again or is BorisFX still not showing for you?

  • @Ady ,

    I did not have to reinstall the software. I restarted my computer and am able to use BCC normally. I assume this is a bug in that Hitfilm could not detect the folder BCC was in.

  • I have BCC 10 and the complete set of effects doesn't show up in Hitfilm Pro 2017 (only the included 3D objects show up) but the entire BCC set of effects DO all show up in HF Pro 4.

    I've patched BCC and install/repaired HF Pro 2017.  That didn't work so I uninstalled then reinstalled HF Pro 2017 but still no joy.

  • I had an issue where BCC wasn't showing up at all in HF2017 and the solution, provided by Ady, was to delete the plugin cache folder. It can be found here:

    C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro 2017\ofxPluginCache

    If you can't find the folder by navigating to it- it wasn't evident to me- type the path above into the search function and it will show up. Then just delete the whole ofxPluginCache folder and open HF2017 again.

    If that doesn't work you may want to contact support.

  • Thanks @StormyKnight I tread that but still no joy.  The folder did rebuild itself, and it seems to show all of the BCC effects (both before and after).

    I'll raise a support ticket.

    Just thought of something, I've been assuming that my purchased BCC 10 OFX effects are supported in HF Pro 2017 and should be showing up..is that a correct assumption?

  • @dplester  - Sorry I didn't get back to you before now. I've been so busy lately.

    I think the Boris plugins should show up. I got the trial version and they all showed up in HF2017.

    Did you get an answer from support?         

  • Sorry, forgot to post results here.

    @AxelWilkinson responded, and, as I suspected, only the included 3D objects have been tested for compatibility, and I should contact Boris to find out what hosts they support.  I did go to the Boris website, and HitFilm is not listed as supported, though I didn't raise any tickets with them.

    So...glad they work for you :) but I must have zigged when I should have zagged...it looks like I'll need to wait until they're listed as supported and then I'll pursue it - don't want to try to get folks to spend valuable time on an unsupported item when they can be focusing on other things...like...say...editor enhancements that we can all use :)

  • While attempting to use BCC Title Studio,   Create a Extruded text.  Select Material Styles,  Attempt to select ANYTHING besides Basic Color Variety,  ie Brushed Metal_Blues,  and it crashes  HitFilm Pro 2017 has stopped working.   etc.  I also submitted a ticket with my Event Viewer Details.

  • I have the same problem  in title studio with the extruded text , whenI try to change the metal styles,it crashes the program everytime,also get something about the filters folder.

  • It's been reported, confirmed and hopefully it will be fixed in time for update 1.

  • Still a problem in update 1.

  • Generic observation: The problem could be FxHome code, OR Boris code.

    Suggestion: file bug report with Boris and get covered at both ends of the pipeline. 

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Thanks for the reply


  • I am trying to render a short video, but text using BCC title studio or 3D extruded text does not render in the output video. Preview from the time line shows properly. There is a black space in the rendered video but all other video elements of the comp that uses BCC do not render. Removing the BCC effect allows the other video elements to be rendered... Anyone else having an issue after the recent update? This was working properly before. I did have to re-install Hitfilm 2017 after the update because it the update process failed.

  • @BobDiMarzo @Rick1

    Not an update, just an observation. Remember, Moderators aren't FxHome Staff, just users with some forum editing clearance. :-) 

    For the record, I have the same crash. 

  • @Triem23  I understand.  Axel had answered my ticket reiterating that Boris is aware and are preparing a fix.    I always felt it was good manners to acknowledge when someone responds to my questions.  

  • @BobDiMarzo :) true that. I think Axel's reply must be in another thread. I think there are now three relating to BCC errors in HFP 2017. Maybe I'll merge them all? 

  • @StormyKnight Out of curiosity, I did raise a ticket with Boris, and they confirmed that, outside of the packaged 3d Objects, HitFilm is not a supported host (no surprise there).  There was a hint, however, that they might be adding HitFilm at some point in the future, and HFP 2017 is a likely candidate for that...so...I'll just stand by until then :)

  • Just an update. Axel recommended another clean re-install  which appears to have corrected my problem

  • @dplester too bad. Hitfilm as a host for BCC 10 will get the money from me. Until then, BCC 8 will do me just fine. 

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