HitFilm Pro 2017 not enough memory to open HitFilm Pro 4 project

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I've downloaded the demo of Hitfilm Pro 2017 but it will not open my Hitfilm Pro 4 Projects.  It throws up a memory error that reads...

"There is not enough memory available for the application to continue running.

Please close some other applications and try again."

The project file I'm trying to open is large (about 1 GB) but my system has 32 GB of system ram and 6GB of video ram.  There are no other applications running and according to Resource monitor I have about 28GB of ram available when Hitfilm throws the error.

Anyone else having problems opening Hitfilm 4 Projects?


  • @TTSProd is there any way you could send it to us? You could either DM me a Dropbox (or other) link or send a support ticket.

    If you cannot, could you describe what is on your project please? Have you got lots of heavy 3D models? Is it just the hfp file that is 1GB or is it project file plus media?

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I'm uploading the project file to google drive and will DM it to you when its completed.

    It is the hfp file that is 1GB and yes there are lots of 3d models of varying complexity.  It opens without issue in Hitfilm 4 Pro.

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