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I would like to give an attaboy to FxHome on the greatly expanded documentation. It should be a great asset to the product going forward.

That was the sugar so now the vinegar. I noticed some things on a cursory pass through the entire doc.

The docs on the motion blur shutter phase should maybe have a sentence describing what the positive/negative values mean. I assume front/behind blur but which is which. I've just stuck with the default negative phase.

Some of the new effects are not in the docs. Depth matte, Depth mask, Action Cam crop.

I saw various references to "Hitfilm 4", and maybe Hitfilm Pro. Things like that should probably just be "Hitfilm".

Page 155 gives some file paths for the BCC documentation. That was valid for Hitfilm 4 but not in 2017. The BCC 10 stuff in 2017 does not seem to have on disk stuff installed anymore.


  • Thanks Norman. I do have a list of things that still need updated in the manual, so I'll be sure that these all get covered as well. There's still a fair bit of work to get it to the condition I'd like, but I'll be focusing on covering the new features that aren't properly explained yet first, along with any corrections needed, before further expanding the existing content to add detail.

  • @NormanPCN thanks for the feedback, I've transmitted it to Axel as he is the manual guru ;)

  • I can't find any references to HitFilm 4, but if there are some I'm missing, please point me toward them.

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    Page 154. Boris FX 3D objects.

    One additional thing. The DOCs don't gover how to use the various controls in the UI. Sliders, drop down and such. That stuff is all pretty standard.

    What maybe should be talked about is that we can drag on the numeric entry control. Dragging on a text entry field is not terribly standard. Dragging left/right on that seems to give finer control over value change than the slider that is next to it. This finer control is a useful thing for user to know.

  • @NormanPCN Be careful or you might get suckered into writing the docs yourself ;)

  • @Aladdin4d sssshhh, dont give the game away :D

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    Ah, thanks. There was no Pro in those references, which was why I missed them. They will be change in the next build of the manual.

    As far as how to adjust the controls, it is explained in the "Controlling Effects" section of the "Effects and Transitions" page, but I'll see about expanding that explanation with some images to make it clearer.

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