What is the 'HitFilmRenderClient' Process?

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What is this process and why does it ask to access the internet?   I have blocked it until I understand what its purpose is.  Don't like processes that need to get out of my machine.


  • What version of Hitfilm are you using? As a guess I would think the renderclient is responsible for rendering final output and wants internet access to be able to upload to YouTube. 

  • I just (last night) upgraded from Pro4 to HF2017.  This was on the new version.  I never had it pop up previously.  I was thinking it might be checking for updates or some other quasi-official function. 

  • Could be. I'm not staff or a Hitfilm developer, so I was guessing. Office is closed today, so Staff might not get to this for a day or so. 

  • I'm with @Triem23 on this. The render client is probably part of the new export queue and wants internet access for YouTube uploads.

  • makes sense. 

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    @xybor In HitFilm Pro 2017 we've changed the export to be an export queue and now the rendering is done in a separate process. This has the advantage of if your render is crashing, it does not take down HitFilm with it anymore and you are able to keep exporting the rest of your queue. Proxy is using this system as well and has been since HitFilm 3.

    I wasn't aware that it was showing this dialog when exporting, we tried on quite a few different machines. Do you have any particular non default settings in your firewall?

    The render client is constantly sending messages to HitFilm when exporting to give it the current progress, the status of the queue items as well as any potential error messages, maybe that's what is being flagged?

    EDIT: the render client loads all the plugins on startup and it appears to be Magic Bullet Looks that does some network requests, I suppose this is for licensing reasons.

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