Can I go back to HitFilm 4 Pro After 2017 update?

Like my title says I am hoping to deactivate 2017 and use Pro 4 again. Mocha just doesn't seem to be ready yet. My problems range from frequent Mocha crashes, crashes when I make a layer not visible  from within the Mocha controls in HitFilm, my masks are intermittently turning on and off in Vegas and I cannot get the Unlicensed Learning Mode message off some of my completed work.  


  • You can, however HFP 2017 projects will not open in HFP 4.

    Otherwise, I have HFs U2, E3, P3, P4 and P 2017 installed on the same machine. No issues. 

  • After uninstalling  P 2017 and reinstalling P4, Vegas will not  accept any HF project on the timeline. Only 1 out of 18 P4 clips has P 2017 made any changes to. Even going back to older versions of the Vegas project that did not even see P 2017 will not work. Thankfully, reinstalling HF Pro 2017 brought the timeline back and I definitely will not be doing that again. So now it looks like I have to face these Mocha problems I am having. I do have a unregistered version of Mocha Pro  installed for comparative reasons. Could this be the culprit?

  • Possible.

    Yeah, Vegas 14 requires Hitfilm 2017.

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