4GB GPU memory required for 8K in HF Pro 2017 (Resolved)

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Hello, I have 2 computers, on my studio PC HF2017 runs correctly but on my laptop (with the same installation file) I can't create 8K projects or composite shots, the 8K options don't appear in the menu and I have an error message like "resolution unsupported" when I try to create a composite from an image greater than 4K... Is this issue related to my computer's hardware configuration, as it's a 3 years-old Asus ROG with only a NVidia GTX560M graphics card with 2GB dedicated memory ?


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    @Deweak Yes, you need 4GB of dedicated memory to create 8k projects.

  • Ok, this laptop has reached its maximum, it's time to change ! thanks for your reply :)

  • @CedricBonnier I have a 3gb gtx 1060 on my pc however I also don't have 8k options. All my drivers are up to date. 

  • @Vespill thanks for this information. As the 10xx series are quite new, it's good to know that you need a graphics card with more memory to handle large projects. With a MSI gtx 970 it works fine since it has 4GB. 

  • @Vespill - 4GB of GPU RAM is needed to render 8k Projects. 

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