• Thank you so much for mentioning this!

  • Wow!  Thanks @LIfe_Leadership.  Good find.

    I checked out the page and watched the teaser for Werner Herzog's "Teaches Filmmaking" class.

    He doesn't believe in storyboards????  He thinks that's a cowards way out?  He goes on to say, not to overshoot.  Filmmakers should be thieves that get away with the "loot" of the shot.  In other words, don't over think it.

    I'm intrigued.  Very close to dropping 90 clams to hear more.  This might be just what I need to kick me in the butt to just go out and shoot.

  • Very interesting indeed.  I've spend a lot of time on the Warner Bros lot in California ( thanks to a family member who's a VP of Post Production)  and got to spend some considerable time sitting in dark movie theaters, watching various movies being "cut" and finalized.

    I've met many of the great audio and visual artists and i am blown away at what they do to produce the final movie product.  Pretty cool stuff.  I told one of the audio artists that i would love to do what he does and he said, " what, sit around all day, drink coffee and BS all day?"  :)    I told him, " I fly airplanes for a living,I already do that.... 

    SIDE NOTE: both of us are kidding... 

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