DJI Phantom Menace


  • @Benwithafluffycat  I'd say drone cost worth it.    Nice compiling there.  I don't know if you caught it but for a split second after the 2nd X-wing flies by some of your infrastructure in the "quarry??" blinks out.  I suspect it might be due to a mask of that X-wing, but I'm no expert by even a small stretch of the imagination.  I liked the transport rotating and thought for a minute you were going to have it jump to hyperspace at such a low altitude. 

  • Cool video, what 3D software have you used ?

  • Very nice, like the quality of the shadow on the rock wall. The two X-wings nice as they are just seem to bring me out of the scene. Good drone use.

  • Thumbs up.  Good work!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited November 2016

    Nice footage. The shadow of the Rebel Transport wraps very nicely on the terrain which really sells that shot. 

    tddavis already mentioned the disappearing background element after the X-Wing flyby. 

    Oh, and that's a perfect title. :-) 

  • Thanks guys. The support on these forums is awesome 

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