Is there a new version of Express? Express 2017?

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Now we got the new Pro 2017, but and the express version? Maybe? :D


  • They have said that there won't be a new Express version for the rest of this year at least.

  • Express 3 and Express 4 launched the summer after their respective Pro versions. Probably a good guess for Express 2017.

  • I hope for that xD

  • When is Express 2018 coming out? I think we should skip 2017 and forge right ahead!

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    I haven't reached the limits of HF4E yet so I can wait a bit :)

    But I would love to see scopes, and I'll definitely have a use for the sync feature in a few months...

    That said, I'm still amazed at the power you get in Express for the price! O_O

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    I've pinned this thread as it's a fairly common question at the moment (OP, I've also renamed it your thread slightly to hit some more keywords!).

    As inscapeDigital mentioned above, all we can say right now is:

    • The next version of Express will be called HitFilm Express 2017
    • It won't be coming out this year (2016).
  • HitFilm Express 2017 is out!

    Find out more about the new release in our blog post, or load up your six shooter and get it now...

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